4x4 Offroaders Club Karachi

Posted June 25, 2003 to Pakistan category.

August 17 2003: The 4×4 Offroaders Club Karachi picture gallery design has been changed. There are now over 134 comments and 200 pictures online. The articles site should be up by the end of August.

The 4×4 Offroaders Club Karachi picture gallery is now finalized. There are already a hundred pictures online right now, with a lot more on the way. The problem is that there are too many pictures! Now if Moveabletype had subcategories I could post them all.

The Articles site is also up and running over here. Right now it is still in the design and devolpment stages.

Edit July 6 2003: The picture gallery is now definalized. A new, more improved design is on the way.

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The frontpage has now also been renovated. It needs further reconstruction as always.

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