Balochistan, yesterday today and tomorrow

Posted June 18, 2003 to Pakistan category.

Taimur Mirza sent me this:

Having travelled all over Pakistan, I have finally come to the conclusion that Balochistan is one of the least explored and most fascinating place on the blue planet.

An archaeologists paradise, a geologists dream come true, Off-roaders, camping enthusiasts, trekkers, star gazers, nature buffs, desert roamers, history diggers, miners, prospectors, in short every one who is associated with or loves the out doors would find this land pulling like a magnet if once visited.

Mansur the Doc., Homer the industrialist-cum-inventor, Kaleem Omar the journlist, Khan Sahib the old guard, Wazir Ahmad the lawyer, Ismail Sahib the paratha master, and off course me the organiser; but not forgetting the number of "boys" ever ready to lend a helping hand in setting up camp, getting firewood, washing dishes, disposing off garbage, and keen audience to the numerous tales around the campfire, are a group always cribbing about each other, yet always ready and waiting for another "Jeep trip".

How long will we be able to see the 'yesterday' we now observe, as today's technology is gradually creeping forward? Maybe you'll find a McDonalds at Nani Mandar tomorrow, and then where will the charm be?

This will be going up on the main 4×4 website. So far I have decided that the picture gallery is fine as it is, but the main site needs to have something there and fast.

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Hi fellow KO,

My students at the university Paris 1 are taking a trip online from Paris to Pondicherry and back. We'd be most interested in info about overland travel in Pakistan. I'll point them to your blog. Do you know any French-speaking Pakistani blogs?



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