Depleted Uranium

It seems the weapons used in Iraq by the US will be killing people long after the war. Common Dreams has a good article about it. The Guardian has a good overview of the whole depleted uranium issue. There is even a campaign against depleted uranium.

So it seems all those stores about gulf war syndrome do have a solid scientific reason for them. What worries and suprises me is that all over the western media they are worried about the effects of DU on the American and British troops. They were just firing the damn things! What about the the entire country littered with hundreds of tons of the damn things? It’s going to be there for centuries. Even newspapers like the Christian Science Montior are investigating the effects of DU.

This website has good links to discussion of the effects and implications of the use of DU. Especially the impact of its use in the Gulf War and effect on the Iraqi population.Read A POST-WAR DISASTER FOR ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH. There’s also a pdf version of this article. It’s worth printing and reading.

There’s even a website called Stop Nato with a Depleted Uranium Watch section.

Most likely they US will just not bring up the topic ever. Its the same tactics they used to deal with Agent Orange in Veitnam. Till I read this article I had no idea of the extent of the chemical warfare to which the US had engaged.

Hong Hanh is falling to pieces. She has been poisoned by the most toxic molecule known to science; it was sprayed during a prolonged military campaign. The contamination persists. No redress has been offered, no compensation. The superpower that spread the toxin has done nothing to combat the medical and environmental catastrophe that is overwhelming her country.

There are an estimated 650,000 like Hong Hanh in Vietnam, suffering from an array of baffling chronic conditions. Another 500,000 have already died. The thread that weaves through all their case histories is defoliants deployed by the US military during the war.

>> Guardian

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