Free Picture Gallery Scripts

The best free picture galleries which I have come accross so far:

* “Gallery”: is the most comprehensive and actively developed script. It includes everything and the kitchen sink. The drawback is its a bit to complicated. Gallery 2.0 is supposed to fix all its current issues but it won’t be out for a while.

* “Simple Picture Gallery Manager”: As the name says, its missing most of the more advanced features included in Gallery and Coppermine.

* Mig – “My Image Gallery”:

Scripts requiring MySQL:

* “Coppermine”: is probably the best MySQL script. It too has everything including the kitchen sink, and seems easier to use than Gallery.

* “Myphotos”: is still in early beta but looks very promising.

* “4images”: – Image Gallery Management System. Feature complete, but hasn’t had any work done for almost a year now.

Kuro5hin has a story about this: “Adventures in Photo Publishing”:

*Update:* “Typepad”: has an excellent built in photo gallery system.

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