Thomas Freidman: Bad Planning

Even Thomas Freidman is taking potshots at the Bush government now. He states the same old stuff being written about in thousands of papers around the world, but this is of note as he was earlier supporting the war on Iraq, and is one of the more influential journalists in the US.

President Bush is sure lucky no weapons of mass destruction have been found yet in Iraq.

Because had we found these weapons our entire focus today would be on the real issue: why the Bush team ? which wanted this war so badly and had telegraphed it for so long ? was so poorly prepared for postwar Iraq.

>>”NYTimes: Bad Planning”:

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  1. the unsteady views on the war is caused by the fact that the war is really an aggregate of multiple objectives. The people with unwavering support for the war are the people who simply don’t have the capacity to comprehend the entire picture.

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