A Letter From the Third ID

A reply to a letter from a soldier back from Iraq upset about the criticism. Most of them just don’t get the fact that they aren’t being critisiced, but their masters.

[quote]…I also don’t doubt, sir, that some Iraqis you came into contact with were happy to be liberated. In fact, I have no doubt that almost all Iraqis were overjoyed to be liberated. I certainly would be. But that joy does not last forever. The realization that you are all alone in the world and being lorded over by a foreign military sets in quickly. The realization that your neighbor and your neighbor’s neighbor are dead also sets in quickly. And for what? To be free from an evil dictator. There are other paths to freedom, sir.

The Iraqi people, when they were ready, would have risen up and deposed their dictator. The Iraqi people, when they were ready, could have determined for themselves the path of their country by overthrowing the despot ruling them and installing their own government. They could have cast of the chains of oppression themselves, just as so many other peoples all over the world have for the duration of human history.

…You said in your e-mail that our invasion and occupation of Iraq was just. I submit to you, sir, that it was not. Just wars are only fought in self-defense. There are no other just wars.



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