[quote]There are a number of books and Web sites dedicated to documenting the verbal mix-ups, miscues and muddled messages that fall from Bush’s mouth like oats from a horse’s maw. One of the most thorough and best-organized of the Web sites is [url=http://www.dubyaspeak.com/]dubyaspeak.com[/url] (Motto: “We record the damage”), where the president’s oratory mistakes have piled so high, site organizers have divided them into more than a dozen categories (war, economy, education, himself, etc.).

Certainly, there’s much to laugh at here. But as one combs through the site, revealing layer upon layer of befuddlement, the humor gives way to head-shaking disbelief and the quiet fright of a deepened understanding of this president’s intellectual incapacity.

Along with dozens of simple grammatical gaffes are more serious contradictions, misleading and erroneous statements presented as truth and sentences so confusing they defy deciphering.



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