[quote]God is customizable. God force-fits into whatever narrow little channel of bilious self-righteousness the world’s fanatics and their medicated perspective want Him to. This is the nature of God. He is supremely convenient. He can be used to back up almost any claim. He is rubber and you are glue and whatever you say bounces off him and sticks to you.

….Huge indeed are the hunks of the culture and of religious fundamentalism as a whole that fully and wholly believe their particular version of God possesses exactly their very own set of ragin’ intolerant lopsided values and hatreds and fiery finger-points and if you don’t agree you are gonna burn and pay and cry.

…. Born-again George W. “God is on America’s side” Bush is proof. Osama “Allah hates America” bin Laden is proof. The Israel-Palestine conflict is proof. Falwell is proof and Franklin Graham is proof and even the pope his own doddering self is sad, semi-tragic proof.

That we are not quite ready to evolve. That we are not quite ready to break free. That we are not ready for larger and more enlightening and illuminating answers that don’t consist of narrow pinprick quietly misogynistic worldviews that kill spiritual individuality and snuff divine expression and thwart love’s potential.

>>[url=http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/gate/archive/2003/07/18/notes071803.DTL]SF Gate: Mark Morford[/url]


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