India Chooses All-Electronic Voting

[quote]India has decided to have [url=]all electronic polls[/url] in the next elections for its billion strong population. Though India has used e-voting partially in previous elections, it will be the first time a Lok Sabha (central parliament) election will be held in the country since 1952 without the use of ballot papers. Election Commission plans to use about [url=]800,000 electronic voting machines[/url].


From Slashdot, an Indian writes about the good old days of voting. These days are still very much here in most parts of India and Pakistan.

[quote][list][*]It was extremely common for polling booths to be attacked by goons paid by one of the candidates and all the ballot papers destroyed.

[*]Large numbers of “party members” would vote repeatedly by pretending to be someone else or using special techniques that would remove the ink from their fingers.

[*]Earlier, results for each voting center would be individually known. This would lead to goons beating up people of those villages that voted against them. AFAIK this doesn’t happen in the current system because the EVMs are centrally processed and only constituency-wise results are known. [/list]


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