IRAQ: Everyone Now Needs Food Aid

Food crisis, food crisis, food crisis all the papers cry. It seems to be getting worse now.

bq.. The war in Iraq has made the entire population of 27 million dependent on food aid, leaders of aid programmes say.

Before the war that the U.S. and Britain launched March 20 to remove the Saddam Hussein regime, 60 percent of the population had depended entirely on food aid.

“Today, the lives of 100 percent of the Iraqi population, 27 million people, depend on the provision of monthly food rations,” UNICEF chief representative in Iraq Carel de Roy told IPS in a phone interview.

The United Nations WFP (World Food Programme) chief representative in Baghdad Torben Due says the crisis is unprecedented.

>> “IPS: Ricardo Grassi”:

bq. Well, to be fair, 60% of the Iraqi population was dependent upon monthly food rations before the war. But by golly, we made sure those other 40% didn’t feel left out.

>> “Lying Media Bastards”:

*Update:* Move on folks, no food crisis to see over here.

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