Movable Type

Mt Resources from all over the web:

[b]Basic:[/b] [list]

[*][url=]A Beginner’s Guide to Blogging with MovableType[/url] :: A comprehensive guide, aimed at the beginner and assumes little knowledge of website design/building.

[*][url=]Starting a Blog (with MovableType)[/url] :: A basic guide on starting a blog. The above link is more comprehensive.

[*] [url=]Moveabletype Support Forums[/url] :: Covers [i]everything[/i].


[b]MT Specific Sites:[/b] [list]

[*] [url=]MT Extensions[/url] :: A collection of CGIs, plugins, hacks and tips for extending the MovableType system.

[*] [url=]Emptypages[/url] :: Tips, Tricks, Scripts.

[*] [url=]MT Plugin Directory[/url] :: This plugin directory lists all known MT plugins and provide information for using thems.

[*] [url=]the girlie matters[/url] :: tips, things and tricks to do with MT and scripting.

[*] [url=]Brad Choate[/url] :: A number of advanced MT plugins, including the brilliant [url=]Textile[/url] text formating plugin.

[*] [url=]scriptygoddess[/url] :: Minor deitys’ in the art of scripting, along with lots of MT info.


[b]Articles of note:[/b] [list]

[*] [url=]Beyond the Blog[/url] :: Extending MT to publish the rest of your site.

[*] [url=]Brad Choate[/url] :: Doing your whole site with MT.

[*] [url=]Stop Design[/url] :: Rebuilding a Portfolio.

[*] [url=]Movable Type, Static Pages, Flexibility and Scalability[/url] :: MT can output in just about any format, so it should be trivial to create a file containing all of the content or data that can be imported into just about any other system.


[b]MySQL/PHP stuff:[/b] [list]

[*] [url=]Frontend Editing for MovableType[/url] :: This is a plugin which places edit links on MT posts – requires PHP. Absolutely Brilliant, and easy to implement.

[*] [url=]Entry #X of Y[/url].

[*] [url=]lastn comments from one category[/url] :: This MySQL/PHP code gives the last 5 comments on entries in one particular category.


[b]Plugins:[/b] [list]

[*] [url=]MT Textile[/url] :: Text Formatting plugin.

[*] [url=]MTRandomEntries[/url] :: pulls out a random entry from the current blog.

[*] [url=]MTOtherBlog[/url] :: allows you to include Templated content from other blogs.

[*] [url=]Smartypants[/url] :: translates plain ASCII punctuation characters into ?smart? typographic punctuation HTML entities.

[*] [url=]MTEntryIfComments[/url]

[*] [url=]Global Listings[/url] :: Adds MTGlobalEntries and MTGlobalComments, container tags representing a list of comments or entries across multiple blogs.

[*] [url=]MTPaginate[/url] :: automatically break up specified (long) content in a single document into multiple pages.

[*] [url=]MT-Blacklist[/url] :: A Movable Type plugin to eradicate comment and trackback spam

[*] [url=]MT-Notifier[/url]:: send out notifications to subscribed users when a new comment is posted to an entry


[b]Installing:[/b] [list]

[*] [url=]Instructions for Running MT on IIS 5 & MySQL[/url] :: Installing MT on Windows 2000 Server running IIS 5 and MySQL.

[*] [url=]Installing Movable Type locally on Windows XP along with MySQL, Php and Perl.[/url] :: Ideal for testing out Moveabletype, or for running a local copy of your website.