Pakistan tackles web porn

Earlier this year, the authorities blocked more than 1,800 websites, which were described as a “corrupt and evil influence”.

“This is a continuing process and we will keep on blocking such sites,” Zahir Mohammad Khan, a senior official at state-run Pakistan Telecommunication told the Reuters news agency.

>> “BBC News”:

What the BBC is missing out on is that earlier this year the government blocked a South Asia news website running a story critical of the Musharraf government. As these fools get really going, they’re going to be blocking most of the internet, and in the process slowing down the net. The only thing they will accomplish is to end up making themselves a laughing stock.

Here is the important bit:

bq. And religious hardliners in Iran are increasingly concerned about access to information from the outside world. On Tuesday, it said it had blocked access to more than 140 websites with pornographic content and anti-government material.

Pakistan has mullahs just as hardline as Iran. The only reason the two provinces governed by the MMA haven’t done anything about the internet is becasuse they have no idea what it is. Once they have accomplished “this”: : “Curbs on music and videos, destruction of posters featuring women, and a complete ban on alcohol”, they will be moving on to everything else.

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  1. salam to every one.

    i clear that musharaf did everything for pakistan but sorry for that they didn’t remember student right i m talking from peshawar.coz when u see example of peshawar there are one place which are more important and social place in peshawar. if student have some work with administration they behave like that they are god of earth they don’t think that are setting for the serving the student but consider himself as god.(naazubillah).what musharaf do for that administration and all other administratin who have same behavior. our university director of addmision (shareen zada khaatak) and assistant director who don’t like to talk with student if the student visited staff they behave very rudely.our university registrar have same problem. what musharaf do for these lords of country.

    mohammad ijaz from peshawar univiversity

  2. Badly constructed roads, the inability to suplly electricity and adequate clean drinking water are not a priority. Unemployment is not considered a problem worth dealing with. Sentencing women to gang rape by Jirgas are of not issues of value – but obscenity is. The banning of ‘objectionable’ websites and the banning of ‘objectionable’ cable channels are of utmost importance. Hypocrisy reigns supreme – these are just means to divert public attention away from other problems which the country is facing. Censoorship is more important the freedom to expose the corruption and evil in society.

  3. We need flat structures in all our organisations espacially our schools and colleges to educate and facilitate our future investment (students). I personally condemn all ill behaviors as Mr. Ijaz has said in his complaint message. Dont our authorities not seriously concerned about the student issues so far how to tackle the existing problems and to set future strategies. Dont they think where the world is going and what we are doing so far….Please..Zafar K Khan

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