Ritalin for America

America has Attention Deficit Disorder. “Pinball Attention Span” sums things up very well indeed. Maureen Dowd applies the ADD quiz to Bush and his foreign policy team. ( Though team might be a misnomer. )

bq.. Reading over the questions, I realized America has A.A.D.D. The country has always had a pinball attention span, even before the Internet and cable TV accelerated it.

The New Republic recently dubbed this “historical attention deficit disorder,” when a country gets distracted from focusing on any one place for very long. Our scattered consciousness is the reason we’re so bad at empire, too impatient to hang around hot climes trying to force cold natives to like us.

Let’s apply the A.A.D.D. quiz to our fidgety president and his foreign policy team:

>> “NYTimes: MAUREEN DOWD”:http://www.nytimes.com/2003/07/06/opinion/06DOWD.html

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