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I have set up a [url=]news page[/url] of the websites which i check daily. I used [url=]CaRP[/url] to automatically grab the rss/rdf/xml feeds. It is suprisingly easy to use, and hardly took any time. I was going to integrate them onto the front page, but there are too many to fit in a sidebar.

I found this experimental convertor that takes a Google News search and turns it into RSS over at [url=]VoidStar[/url]. It’s amazing usefull for monitoring specific news Items. For now, I have it set to monitor Pakistan. For some reason, at least two of the top headlines are always about cricket.

Updated: August 2 2003

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  1. The maker of CaRP (yeah, that’s me) has released Grouper, a tool for converting Google or Yahoo! news searches to RSS which in my obviously unbiased opinion is a little better than the script from VoidStar. I’ll add support for additional news sources in future versions, so if you download it now, you may want to subscribe to updates using the form on the Grouper homepage (

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