Shia Pundit: thoughts on Iraqs future

Another not so rosy view of affairs in the middle east.

I haven’t been blogging much about Bush’s imperialist adventurism foreign policy, because the news from Iraq is just too disturbing. The rise of Iran-backed Shi’a fundamentalists. Cancelled local Iraqi elections. Sunni guerilla warfare. Deaths of American soldiers on a daily basis. Rumsfeld’s cheery assessments. The growing frustration of the soldiers in the field (and their families at home).

And of course the omnipresent worry about whether there were any WMD to begin with (probably not), where they went if they did (too scary to contemplate), and whether or not the President can be held accountable (probability: negligible).

I have deep pessimism about Iraq. It’s clear that Bush does not and never had the ability, let alone the will, to commit to nation-building – we’ve known that since his debates with Gore in 2000. It’s also disturbingly clear that the military Clinton built is overtaxed far worse under Bush than it ever was under Clinton’s tenure.

>>”Shi’a Pundit: thoughts on Iraq’s future”:

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