The Future Begins Now

This article is about Guatemala, but applies to thirdworld countries all over the world. Karachi’s total [url=]education budget is 343.47 million[/url] for a population of [url=]over 14 million[/url]. That works out to be 24.5 rupees or 42 cents per person.

More on this later.

[quote]Have you ever wondered about the poverty in the Third World? Have you ever wondered where do all the developing world’s problems came from? Have you ever wondered what it takes to bring a very rich country to complete ruin? I have.

…They never realized that a budget is not only about time and that a budget is not only about money. But a budget is not only about people, either. They balanced budgets according only to money — a short time period (that of a presidential term). They didn’t care about people and as a result of that short-term thinking they compromised the future. They jeopardized the lives of millions of children and adults. They jeopardized the health of a country and forgot about the education of the young.

If you add greed to that short-term planning and tons of corruption, you will have a clear picture of my country. Only 5 percent of the federal budget is allocated to education. Public health allocations are about 12 percent; defense gets nearly 50 percent of the budget.

>>[url=]Marco Fernandez, AlterNet[/url] [/quote]

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