The internet is shit.

bq. I’ve been hearing the same sentiments by a lot of people over the last few months in different types of language. Some say “The Internet is Shit”: Some others say that “Virtual Community has died”: Without wanting to doubt the good intentions and aspiration of all the people who want to make more of the world in which they live, I can tell you right now why the internet matters and why it is not shit. While it’s true that people around the world are lamenting that there’s not enough of ‘precisely the right kind of information’ to finish their term-papers, the internet is more important than that.

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  1. I am an old guy,45 to be exact.I have been surfing the web for two years.I have never found anything useful on the net.I needed information on my car,if i wanted to pay for it I wouldn’t have been on the web.I was told anything I could think of is on the web.Thats not true.I have a big imagination.Only about a quarter of the things i want to know about are on the web.

    and most of what i have found is asnine. Science is one of my biggest interests.I need help in finding things on the internet.No one I know is of any help,Everyone I ask says go to this site,And its more crap nothing that gives me the information that is needed to start a project,I need information on recent magnetic studies,for power production. any help grateful.

  2. How can anyone say that the net is shit? It’s the single largest network that the world has seen allowing contact with others in an unparralled manner, it brings contact to people who can’t afford to call in an instant and personal manner and speeds up the the generation of third world countries in the exchange of information and learning. There is information about anything and everything, how you search for that information takes time and knowledge. Even if you can’t find the information it allows you to post adverts to the world for little or zero cost. For every reason you can give an internet supporter that it is shit, they can provide you with 500 reasons why it is great, why not spend your time looking for the great reasons, the reason why you think that there is nothing on it for you is because your attitude in life is not to look for things new that you can enjoy and benefit you.

  3. No, the internet is really shit, everything which didn’t belong in the real world was aimlessly thrown into cyberspace, such as furries, child porn, and recruitment sites for cults. The internet is nothing but a cookingpot of stupid ideas and things that ought to be bashed repeatedly with a hammer.

  4. Like anything, the Internet has its high qualities as well as its lows. The Internet was not invented to replace all other mediums of information and communication. It is a tool, when utilized correctly, can yield good results. I read books, I watch the news, I read newspapers, and I call people on the phone. I don’t utilize any of those mediums as my sole source of information or communication nor do I do that with the internet. Use it for what it is worth.



  5. I think this is a terrible argument. Yes, most of what you’ll see on the web is garbage by most people’s standards, but every medium offers only what people contribute to it. Anyone who says there is nothing of value or interest on the internet has either not looked or has no interests.

  6. The Internet WAS a wonderful idea… a free forum for the expression of art, ideas, science, etc. It’s present state leaves it at nothing more than a global platform for Junk Merchants, Sex Addicts, and mindless techno freaks. One must clad him/herself with armor (eg. pop-up blocker, ad aware, net-nanny, etc) so heavy and clumsy that surfing the web has become nothing more than drowning in a sea of SHIT….

  7. There seems to be confusion on the word ‘internet’. In contacting people/organisations over vast distances at a very low cost/content ratio, it’s fantastic and unparalled. In trying to find truly interesting or request-relevant information, it is frustratingly shit. There will always be dis-agreements because both aspects are fundemental in the defenition of what ‘internet’ is.

  8. This internet is really shit where i am at college, we have a 56k connection for 40-50 computers in the bloomin school.We do not have broadband at all, we have the normal slow speed of the internet. Take me 10 minutes to load one webpage. So therefore our internet is really completely and utterly shit!!

  9. I have a suggestion. I prefered to use google and I realized I get more specific result using yahoo though it depends. (I prefer to use yahoo anyways=)) Many people are saying that internet is shit because they do not give information that they need but there could be certain reasons such as first-your key word may not be specific enough. You don’t get the information you need about honda because you put cars in yahoo. You need to be specific enough to get teh information that you desire. Secondly it might be because of the thing you search on. Like Yahoo or Google. About searching on the internet, I always had problems with getting the information. Once I had a problem searching for an information why torture is wrong and in the end tsince i found no information that tells me why torture is wrong and why the innternational law prohibits the use of torture. My brother took over and tried looking for that information himself. He found the information I need. hundreds of them. Finding information in the internet is matter of keywords and if you’re taking a time to read briefly or not. In the end I think it’s because internet is so general that we cannot find much. (Of course elementary school projects are so general that internet would be a treasure to them.) But to add to that- Can I get any email please about internet causeing decline in reading and writing in… well everybody who uses the internet. There have been lots of people saying to me that games and chatting causes decline in my wrting and reading skills. Thankyou ^^

  10. the problem with the web are ******* posts by people ,to many of them. you can never find a answer with all the posts (questions) by the joe blows .clean this crap up ,maybe a new net for posts (questions) come no one whats to answers questions. They only what answers. The first time I went on the web was about 92 and I found answers then but now I cant find s*** .so many posts BUT IF YOU HAVE AN APPLE COMPUTER SURFING IS AT LEAST EASY FEWER POP UPS AND I MEAN ALL MOST NONE GO APPLE USA USA USA THE BEST THE BEST BILL YOU S*** I’LL NEVER BUY PC AGAIN MY EYES ARE OPEN

  11. All i see is people referring to what they can get from the web using http: web pages, do none of the posters that say the internet is shit have any idea all of the other uses for it?

    I doubt there is one person here that doesnt use the internet for email for example, email alone is the most revolutionary thing that has been invented, the exchange of information in seconds.

    As for me i dont need to find information on the internet, i have a soon to be ex-wife, she knows bloody everything !!!!

  12. the internet is shit, why the hell is it so shit? please tell me why it is so shit and can you help me with this problem of the shit internet that is shit? plz

    p.s the internet is extremely shit

  13. if sum1 thought the internet was shit.. why would you complane about it ‘online’.. why not just ignore it and not use it, go out and enjoy life which is also shit? hypocrite!

  14. The Internet has become nothing more than a bunch of scum trying to sell their junk to people who are not interested.Almost all information is questionable and of very little use.

  15. Hey, the internet is full of junk, I can’t belief I am searching for ordinary KHS04, CO2, acid base reactions for weeks without getting nothing.Now tell me the internet is still useful. It’s only useful for stupid things, search engines keeps giving me DNA test. What the heck is that, is that, what I want. You let me just type in sex on the search engines and see how much imformation I’m gonna get.

    search for stupid chat sites and see how much information u will get. Wierd people find the internet much useful than anyone else, but I can’t blame them I think that is where they find their own security or can I say fun. No disrespect to all that know they are different and can’t really associate individually with peers.

  16. Finding stuff on the internet is purely an art it takes time to fine tune in all these years of using internet as a major source of information I personally find it extremely helpful my advice to everyone is to dig into the help of the search engine of your choice and make sure you understand that how you can use it to structure you query most effectively, you will be amazed to see the stuff you can get your hands on the same internet!

  17. This conversation is shit.

    The net is the net.

    A shit is a shit…

    Some of the net comes out of peoples arses like a shit does, and some of the net looks the same as what comes out peoples arses, but it isn’t shit, its the net.

    A shit is not the net, so therefore the net is not a shit. Some of the sites have torn a few abdominal muscles in their making and look a little too brown… but they are not a shit.

    I have been fishing with the net for years and have never once caught a shit.

  18. The internet is horseshit. If, for example, you wanted to do a search on, The Battle of Hasting, for example, right, you’re twelve, you’re online, -clack clack- as you type in B-A-T-T-Le…etc. a second later, you get a billion and one pop-ups trying to sell you cock enlargers, and if you can navigate through all this crap, all thats on the screen is a) Porn, b) Some loose reference to the words you’ve chosen e.g. Poke’mon or the Difference between wet shit and dry shit. Oh yeah, you’ve got the “e-mail” but even if you do get some idiot to try and have a conversation with you, it either takes fucking ages (0.000000000001 bps) or if you do talk to them they say “Oh wow, lol, LMAO,LMAO..ggf06ryrti ROFLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO” Or internet gaming The lag is so cack, one second you’re running around the next second you’re dead because a) Your PC is so wank that the lag is 76 seconds behind or some guy keeps fragging you because they’ve used so many fucking hacks that they are invincible, invisible and have god aim. Closing statement, shut up you wanks, who say “Blah blah free-expression blah blah” “Not looking hard enough” Go buy your porn in a shop like real men.

  19. You lot are a joke, just because you cant find something doesnt mean the internet is shit. For one you dont know how to use a search engine for those who referred to bad search results, secondly even if you do, the fact that the search engine you use is bad does not make the internet shit. Thirdly even if there is no web sites with that topic you are looking for doesnt make the internet shit because someone didnt dedicate their life to making a content page just to keep you idiots happy.

    I guess this whole thread is just one great big parody eh? Your all using the internet to voice your opinion, an internet that will long be useful, even when non useful idiots like you are long gone.

    Your biggest problems are the lack of understanding, if your engine is playing up on your car, i doubt a normal person would say cars are shit. Just the engine that your using. Now your so stupid that you cant find another engine or learn how to work with the one you have that you blame everything and anyone around you. Simply because your the type of people that can never be wrong.

    As for the complete morons that dont take the time to find out why they get popups i suggest you take a course in computing. A popup blocker is a free bit of software, but for the most part if you dont go to stupid free porn sites and gambline sites, or perpetually looking at “what can i get for free” sites then you will find your machine will stay largely popup free.

  20. Well if the net’s so shit then why are you using it to express your opinion(s) which sooooo disapprove of it? You’re accepting it as a medium for debate but knocking it at the same time?! Sodding hypocrites! :() If it’s that shit, then you wouldn’t be posting here you anti-net losers! Use it when ya want to, and ignore it when you want to … what’s the point moaning all the time! Get a real job!

  21. The internet is a neutral device; to terminally label it as “shit” is childish, indulgent and philosophically counterproductive. The definition of the internet and all that it implies is down to the individual. To reject it is to limit oneself. The more “shit” one perceives it to be, the more necessary it is for one to accept its potential usefulness. The internet is like life: we can choose to embrace its imperfections and grow in doing so; or we can briefly and dogmatically shut ourselves off from the infinite source of experience it offers us.

    To those who believe the internet is shit,

    If you cannot find exactly what you need on the internet, then a) are you sure you are not just imagining an ideal search result that may or may not exist at all? And b) why dwell on what cannot be found? See bad search results as an opportunity to advance into different regions of research; you never know what you might find. Or is it actually just “disappointment” that you are secretly typing into the Google Search field?

    Also, it is fair to say that very meaningful relationships can indeed be sustained online. Anyone who denies this is – I guarantee – wrong, for I myself am living proof of the value of internet relationships, and I know this.

    If you think the internet is shit, then it will be shit to you.

  22. I just want to say personally I do believe email can be bad. Because whereas in the past when a person had to sit down and write a letter, and really think about what they are going to say and how it will be read… they can simply type anything in an email really fast… or as evident in this column you can type in places like this. And by looking at a lot of these commentaries you people don’t really know how to spell or write very clear sentences. Please take your time and use your brain. Thank you.

  23. the internet is rubbish i am sitting in collage and trying to find a transactional website and the internet wont find anything for me cause its rubbish and im tellin ya if it wasnt for being modern times i wouldnt use the fucking crap.

  24. i would just like to say that the internet is the biggest load of balls.ive seen better ginger chicks than this fucking contraption. u type in a website and it automatically brings u onto a fucking gay paki mens website like wat the fuck is that all about. i would like to get the guy who invented the fucking internet and give him the back of my hand fist foot head knee and anyother fuckin part of my body i can use to beat the fuck clean out of the dosey fuckin money collecting cheating bastard. now go and fuck ur self u fucking wanker.

  25. The Internet is virtual and holds ‘some’ decent information but it needs to be applied it is no good to anyone stuck in words on a screen. The reason you think the internet is ‘shit’ is because before using it you are expecting something profound to happen maybe all powerful knowledge or an enlightenment of somekind, a connection to a higher community that we all crave, and are therefore disappointed when after using it the huge gaping hole that exists within from an untendered self and a disunited society is still worming it’s way into forms of destruction. There is no disappointment without expectation.

  26. The internet is just like any other human interactive medium. It’s shit because we are. If you consider the internet to be like a high street, you walk down a high street and see hundreds of advertisements, trying to sell you shit you don’t need. The difference between the internet and the high street is, online you have to actually trawl through all the shit you don’t need, to find what you do need, and there is a shit load more of it. Consumerism has taken over everything. It is an almighty pain in the arse.

    The internet is covered in porn because it makes money. The high street is covered in franchise fast food shops because they make money. TV is covered in advertisements because they make money. Newspapers talk shit about famous people shagging their pets because it makes money. Any medium is only made that way by the people that use it. US. If no-one ever went on porn sites, or bought a big mac, or bought something from a TV ad or bought the SUN, they would soon disappear. The internet could be a connection to a higher community, a source of wonder and enlightenment etc, and i’m sure that if it was used by some sort of extremely enlightened higher life form it would be. But it’s not. cos it’s ours.

  27. To the people that say the internet is shit: there are two sides.

    The internet is handy. Not everyone will want to walk/drive down to the local library and spend an hour looking for the information they want. Thus, the internet can be considered a time saver.

    But, its a massive and pointless advertising tool. Porn, gambling and others of the sort have filled it with ‘shit’. Thats one thing i find annoying about it: i was doing some coursework and looked up ‘duality’ and the first 2 pages on google where completely pointless and not related to what i was researching at all. I know those points weren’t very clear…

    But i personally think people depend too much on the internet. People stay shut up at home, chatting online, wasting their lifes. They dont go out and get hobbies, jobs, passtimes. All they have is a glowing computer screen sat in the corner of their room. Thats all they know.

    Theres a WORLD out there. The world is not part of the internet: the internet is simply joined onto the world in a very loose way. You need to get out there and see it with your own eyes.

  28. Personally, I don’t think the internet is all that bad. I think it’s a good thing. But the way we use it is wrong. We have forgotton to stand on our own two feet. It seems like society can’t live without paying bills, doing homework, or anything unless we have the internet. I am a teacher, and many kids in my class do not know how to do research without aid from the internet. If we can all learn how to properly use the internet, than it will prove it’s use as an invention.

  29. All in all I suppose the net lacks one very important aspect, that hopefully most of us take for granted; that being the taking out of the garbage. The concept of a global network of communication and projective exchange of ideas and knowlege is a bold one. Truly a good one. However, with a lack of control, because of the freedom, and in a lot of cases, confusion of who can regulate what, all the “shit” doesnt get taken out. At times we are wading knee deep in it, usually losing faith in the ideal behind it, and definitely not finding what we need. I started on the net a long long time ago. In the days of arc and echo nets. Not to sound absolute in my judgement, but really the internet is just a reflection of the species gobbling up everything worthless, and after digesting, leaving a pile of it in your living room, or whever your computer might be located. If only we could rub their noses in it. Like a bad dog that needs discipline. The evolution of the internet, into either a useful tool, or smut trolling porn box, really depends on you. Anything valuable to you doesnt come cheaply. Especially when you begin your search knee deep in shit, and getting directions from people that dont smell it, let alone see it. End of rant. Hope you’ve located what you’re searching for Technology. If nothing else I do believe Chilton released cds that had every make and model of car on it. You still have to pay for your specific car type.

  30. roger is correct though although i just had a shit and it was not as shitty as the internet which is the shittiest shit that cannot shit although my pc does wear incontinence pants

  31. The internet is like a gun, hammer, or a car.

    Each one of these things can be useful, convenient and may even be needed..

    if in the situation arises.

    They can sometimes be an utter menace to all around – causing dammage, devestation and mayhem.

    They can also be the source of much frustration, and dissapointing experiences (this is very true of the car-ask any owner of a car over ten years old)

    Now, onto the other aspects of internet. For each postive, I will also give a negative… that way, instead of a single ‘my way or no way’ comment – this may actually make people want to prove some of it wrong…

    and some of it right (hopefully).


    yeah – who’s not heard that one before. and yes, in some ways – the facelessness of using the web DOES make it easier to gain trust under false pretences. Which of course could potentially lead to all sorts of awful things. And not just for kids…

    However. It is this self same tool that you can contact millions of people, who have exprienced what it is that is making you unhappy, which if you’re being bullied at school, or self harming – may be something you’d be crying out to do…


    Well, yes and no. Libel, slander and other such laws also affect the web too.. and besides, if you’re going to have a system of global democracy… then (sadly) this is what’s going to happen. If you want a system of total free speach, then don’t be so outraged when some groups of people say things that you find utterly below contempt.

    There are also many sites that can now report about dictatorships uncensored on the web – with images, real pov stories and how badly some places treat their fellow people, and some of those will get a response from enough people to make some sort of difference sooner or later, surely?


    Well – is that such a shock? I mean seriously, this is the WORLD WIDE WEB. there must be over a 10000 points of reference to one word in one city (by the law of averages and chance) many billions of matches for your two/three word request you typed into your search engine.

    Can you imagine how long it takes to archive a single building’s worth of data? They have to have a shift of people in the british museum to maintain archives and go through the old card systems of yester year to ensure that it’s all up to date.

    try manually to find a specific single refference to the phrase ‘ a pink pencil ‘ in most Libaries, with no other point of refference – see how long it takes, and what you have to wade through to find what you’re looking for.

    True enough – trying to find a point between 100000+ sites found, and ‘no refrence found- try…’ does feel like a hit and miss affair, but there’s so much ‘stuff’ out there because so many people are using the web (see below also).


    The porn thing, is sadly just human nature. Many people like to watch others.

    And more improtantly – it is NOT A NEW THING!

    During the victorian times, there were more brothells in London, other larger towns and cities that any other time in our history.

    people made a fortune of the now amusing ‘what the butler saw’ flick films, which at the time would be the equivallent of net porn. Look what happened when video arrived on our shores… this has and never will go away.

    In short SEX SELLS…

    So deal with it. Yes – it’s not nice getting a random image in your e-mail box from ‘takingeverythingyoulikeineachorofice/’ of someone doing unspeakable things with ‘walrus sized anal intruders’.

    If your TV’s showing something you’d rather not see – don’t you just turn off?

    I know I do that.

    And as for the blog – well, again… human nature. We all would love an audience to share our feelings with sometimes – that’s why people call in on late night radio stations to talk about things which, before the advent of phone and radio would be kept very much private. At most, a diary – which is kind of what a blog is anyway, just one everyone can read via the net.

    It’s still pretty much a prvate thing though – you don’t really think that THATs the REAL name do you?

    So is it any wonder that when you have a system that eveyone can access, most can use… that this sort of thing will happen.

    Not to me it isn’t.

    To conclude – and really, this was ironically partially the point of the internet is s%*t site, it’s only as useful, cool or good as we all make it to be.

    it’s up to all of us who has a computer with net access to enusre that dodgy sites get unvisited and thus cannot affort to stay functioning – that our own sites are saying something that we feel IS worth saying, and that the good things outweigh the dangers and $^1t.

    Now im just going to register

    Check my E-mails to see if I’ve won my all expenses paid Holiday to the Swiss Alps that I received from last month.

    they should have got my £70 cheque for admin costs by now.

    And phone the IT people, for 60p a minute – to see what ‘trojan present’ means as a warning message on the moneyeater(tm) anti-spyware that I brought for $40pcm off them package means.

    think I’ll save all that sequence of rants for another forum though… 😉

  32. internet is so crap, i dont even use it. in fact im not really writing this shit about how shit the net really is. its only use is for other shits to try and screw some poor cunt out of what little wealth they may or may not have, thus making a shitload from other dumb shits.

    other than that i think its great.

  33. I have a vast amount of interests and search engines do not impress me. On many topics i simply cannot find information about my subjuct, no matter how hard i try. If you are some sad geek into perverted topics then you should be o.k. The internet is good for downloading films, music and viewing the occasional website and thats about it. Possibly, the internet is the most overated technical develpement ever! Sadly, the interenet is only as good as the people who contribute towards it, they are mostly retards!

  34. Well, I found this web page after using a search on Google wondering if people thought the net was shit. I have read the comments and have had an entertaining few minutes. I have used the net now for well over 10 years and have found it very useful most of the time. Sometimes I have spent ages looking for stuff and been thwarted by popups, porn and absolute bollocks put up by complete wallies. I have mainly found it of great use though. I reckon it is the same as most other things in life, a lot of it is a complete waste of time, some of it is great. I think those that say the whole of the net is shit are not far from the truth, I would say most of it is but as long as you can sort the wheat from the chaff you are laughing.

  35. The internet lets people lie to a huge audience with impunity. This happens frequently, be aware of it.

    However, I can buy things cheap, learn about anything I want, find out about the train times, get reviews about the best games, see the news, learn how to fix my computer, ad infinitum. The internet has changed world society. The intelligent will always gain with the internet, the stupid and gullible will fail.

  36. The internet is so shit it is actually mind numbing. I’ve just been searching for a basketball club in London Ealing, guess what?!?! Nothing of use came up!!! I had about 20 logs of some guy typing Basketball onto his myspace, wikipedia coming up with NBA crap… The internet was excellent in theory, but people have ruined it. I dont trust what i find on the internet anymore, all because idiots clog the whole thing up with spam until the damn thing dont work. I guess the internet causes 80% of stress. -Damn the interent-

  37. the internet is a PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT

    NOBODY Helps, ALL it does it increase the lack of physical human contact which is in a sense, REALITY??? Ive been trying for hours to figure out how to put a fucking song online for free.. is that so hard? not a fucking download or a LINK..or all this other crooked ass bullshit. FUCK the INTernet. SIMPLE THINGS TAKE FOREVER TO DO because of JACKOFFS LIKE YOU

  38. you ask a simple question in any search engine and u get 130000 fucking pages of pure dribble which has fuckall to do with the original poxy question that u asked and it really pisses me off the net is supposed to make your life fucking easier not waste your life away looking other peoples crap trying to cypher out what your lookin for but aint there because all these wankers put 20000 fucking links in everywhere to fuck your shit up plus the fact that i am surfing on a comunicater phone and it costs me to look at everyone elses shit All i wanted was a simple answer to simple question hence the fact i wrote this The Net Is A Fucking Load of Shit signed BadBoy

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