The real issues

[quote]This column would have been consumed by Viceroy Paul Bremer and his hand-picked “Governing Council” of Iraq that has started to establish a long-term mechanism of oppression that would make Saddam’s torturous rule a pale shadow, except for the resolve to point out a painful reality of our times. This reality is the presence of “reactive journalism” that provides an excellent means for venting frustration but does little to educate, guide or inform. We are continuously reacting to events, readers are continuously reacting to what they read, and no one looks at the real causes which produce these events.

There is a roller coaster ride of events, produced by a great war machine that has now spread over the entire globe. One day, we are reacting to the situation in Afghanistan, then the locale shifts to occupied Iraq, and the third day we are forced to write about the illegal rule of our own General. But all of these topics are “given” to us, so to speak, by those who benefit from diverting attention from real issues.

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