Will Humanoid Robots Take All the Jobs by 2050?

bq. “Marshall Brain (the guy who started “HowStuffWorks”:http://www.howstuffworks.com/) has published “an article”:http://marshallbrain.com/robotic-nation.htm claiming that robots will take half the jobs in the U.S. by 2050. Some of his predictions: real computer vision systems by 2020, computers with the CPU power and memory of the human brain by 2040, completely robotic fast food restaurants in 2030 (which then unemploy 3.5 million people), etc. It’s a pretty astounding article. My question: How many people on /. think he is right (or even close – let’s say he’s off by 10 or 20 years)? Or is he full of it?”

>> “Slashdot”:http://ask.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/07/24/1227209&mode=thread&tid=126

5 thoughts on “Will Humanoid Robots Take All the Jobs by 2050?”

  1. The guys at MIT media lab http://www.ai.mit.edu/ state most of the aspirations related to A.I and human working are infact groundless and would never be achieved and most of the ambitious statements like by Marshall wouldn’t see the daylight say in 50 years from now. The Communications of ACM published a wonderful article in their July issue about it, sadly you got to have membership to read that. So I am skeptical about the figures as Marshall proclaims.

  2. Nope, it won’t happen. Why? Because, by 2050, the human race will either have to populate two other planets, or die in the Earth they’ve destroyed. Can’t find the article I read that in, but it’s out there somewhere.

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  4. I think having robots in 2050 would suck! How do u know all this, how do u know its true?

    Why would people do such a thing? What would happen to the earth if robots controled ? There is so many questions about the future. How can you answer them, why do you answer them, its just not a happy thing to do. Even for God it is so bad i hate it, this is not a coment this is a complaint and consern. Please e-mail me back at twister4013@hotmail.com. And what if all of this stuff on this website is not true i have a concern because i will still be alive in 2050, and so will all my friends. I am really mad about all this, and i think that you would be sent to hell if you helped with this project. If all this is not true i am sorry. Thank you

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