America: A Threat To Humanity?

Regards the govt. using retired military officers for espounding policies: It’s not really true anymore, and the current govt. has been actually dragging the country towards secularism. They have messed up big time along the way, but I would put that more towards their lack of ability and vision rather than any actual intent. Retired colonels are a dime a dozen around here, and it seems most of them are well stocked up on conspiracy theories. As for anyone who writes stuff like: _American leaders have been following a policy directed towards winning the United States the unique distinction of becoming the world’s only country with the maximum number of human killings to its credit._ has to be a complete crackpot.

bq.. I read somewhere a while back that in Pakistan, the government uses retired military personnel to espouse some of the more controversial policies in case they prove to be too over the top and then the government has plausible deniability that the crackpot theory isn’t the “official” government position.

Well, “it looks like they’re at it again”: According to a retired colonel, America is the number one threat to the human race.

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  1. america is a threat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they have masses of weapons and one of the best armies they must be taken out before they take us out

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