Authorities responsible for Oil Spill Diasaster

The daily papers have finally woken up and are investigating the oil spill. It seems the PNSC illegally leased the ship in the first place as by Pakistani law it can’t use a ship older than 15 years, and the ship has to be double hulled. Not only that, they are apparently paying far more then the international rate.

Govt. ineptitude and corruption is the norm, but this goes way above and beyond, as the consequences are going to be around for many years. Heads should roll. See the “previous post”: and the following articles for more:

* “The News: Experts blame KPT for environmental disaster”:

* “Daily Times: KPT responsible for worst impending environmental disaster”:

* “Daily Times Editorial: A tragic but avoidable disaster”:

17/08/2003: The KPT now says that that they will “move the Oil in a week”: It is possible to pull this off succesfully. I just hope they don’t let the “committees looking into the situation”: or the “politicians demanding inquiries”: handle the ship itself.

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  1. Would anybody email me ( where can i get the above law that ships older than 15years can not be leased.


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