Casualities hidden, mystery illness hits US troops in Iraq

Gulf War Syndrome? A 100 soldiers is too small a sample to tell from. Maybe all the “depleted uranium”: weapons they used are kicking in.

bq.. …What’s not counted in the total is over 100 soldiers who have caught some kind of “pnuemonia-like illness”:, not only in Iraq, but across CENTCOM deployments in the region.

…Combine the poor sanitation common in most of the CENTCOM areas, the lack of decent permanent housing for US troops, especially in Iraq and no idea if or how Iraqis are fairing, a medical disaster for American troops is possible. We have no idea if Iraqis are getting sick from this and with the chaos in the hospitals, little way of finding out.

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p. Update: “Couterpunch: Military Equipment and Pneumonia”:

bq.. SOLDIERS and civilians in Iraq face a health timebomb after dangerously high levels of radiation were measured around Baghdad.

Levels between 1,000 and 1,900 times higher than normal were recorded at four sites around the Iraqi capital where depleted uranium (DU) munitions have been used across wide areas.

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p. *May 18 ’04:* Reports on DU are trickling in:

bq. It’s a year into the occupation and U.S. troops are being killed at a rate of more than four a day. These deaths from roadside bombs, suicide attackers, anti-U.S. militia and mobs of angry civilians make headlines. *More quietly, American soldiers also are beginning to suffer injuries from a silent and pernicious weapon material of U.S. origin—depleted uranium (DU).*

>> ‘Depleted Morality: The first signs of uranium sickness surface in troops returning from Iraq’:

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  1. The United States Government has abandoned our children,brothers,fathers,sisters husbands, and wives. For GOD’S SAKE……….Do Something!!

    Our President is a COWARD!

  2. The U. S. has abandoned no one! Quit whinning like a bunch of babies. All your complaining does nothing to help those who are serving overseas so shut up! My son is in Iraq, and went willingly. These soldiers deserve all the pride and support we can shower them with and all your political agendas are doing nothing but make them feel they are worthless. Maybe all of you should move to Iraq or better yet Iran, then maybe you could appreciate the freedoms you have here because of our brave and our true!


  4. Question: Through the high school at which I teach, an email has come through from an American soldier in Iraq complaining bitterly about lack of water. Is this for real? How could such a fundamentally important resource get overlooked for U.S. troops?

    Does anyone know anything about this matter? Thanks for any info you can provide!

  5. to Jennifer: just pray for him, coz with the number of death among the US army growing in Iraq and the hidden wounded numbers, you´ll be lucky if he comes intact from this mess that this coward Bush putted you.

  6. Americans deserve more boom slams.. bcoz they

    have again choosen “Devil Bush” as their

    President. But they should agree this that

    (Muslims) Dare…. to challenge anyone.

    (Muslims) fear noone except god.

    Americans are pride of their hollow strength

    which got scattered in heat and dust of middle


    The day is not far.. when the Middle East will

    come close to EU and ignore the West. Fight them

    (west) on the other hand and that day will be a

    called as Judgement Day in Muslim World.

  7. Arent you the one who save, protect and support Saddam Husein for nearly 3 decades. Thats your government do that. Everyone knows except you, and can proof it. Your army bombing the cities, devastating everything, showing no respect even to the holy places, for saving that country. That marvelous youre saving the people by killing them. Thats a new way to save them. Why do rest of the world like, can yolu tell me? You just keep living in your imaginary world, keep going. Believe all the lies which told you.

  8. Bush Administration is driving Americans to the point of no return, the battles at different fronts he promised americans is a battle of the light time as those he so wish to eliminate are stronger than anything he can think of. There are alot good people in america they can change it with their votes during the next coming mid-term elections.


  9. I dont know what to say really. I am a soldier, a medic who has seen fifteen months of combat in the four years I have been in. I left Iraq in july of 04, and to be honest with you I still cant sleep. Im surprised tylenol PM hasn’t given me a CEO position. I dont really talk about it, and am not going to give you details here. All I can tell you is that I cant stop thinking about it. Im tired, and have been since I came back. I spend most of my nights running around all over the place til I finally crash out at 2 or 3 in the morning. I then get up at six in the morning to start my 12 hour work day. To be honest with you I dont know much eccept that I hate my life! Its weird when your with a big group of people, and you still feel alone. Ive tried to get help but the army kind of frowns on the whole mental issues thing. If you have a son or daughter over there I give you fair warning. This can happen to them. The whole thing is like a bad movie that just wont end. Ive been waiting for the last two years for the credits to role, but they dont. For those politicians who may read this. I dont want your medals, or suport. You can have it back. I just want my life, and the guys who didnt come back back!

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