Day 2 of Oil Salvage Operation

Slowly, slowly the “oil salvage”: “operation”: goes on. It will take an estimated 10 days to empty out the Tasman Spirit of some 35,000 tons of oil. Two days have now passed by. If we had Fox News around here then we would be getting a minute by minute update. Instead, every day some reporter just regurgitates what the KPT tells them, and that too grudgingly.

The press is slowly “swinging away”: at the KPT, but it remains to be seen if anything comes out of it.

Another update via the BBC:

bq.. Salvage workers have managed to siphon away one-sixth of the oil stored aboard a stricken tanker off the coast of the Pakistani city of Karachi.

They are now battling to stop its remaining load of around 35,000 tonnes of oil from spilling into the sea.

Port authorities say it will take at least another 10 days to empty the damaged tanker…

>> “BBC News”:

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