Day 3 of Oil Salvage Operation

The foreign experts brought in by the KPT want the the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Karachi Port Trust (KPT) and the city government to “stop their beach-cleaning operations”: They really can’t seem to get *anything* right!

In other related news, “all four oil tankers acquired by the PNSC are unseaworthy”: The EPA has finally decided to “assess the oil impact on the environment”:, and considering they haven’t started yet they should finish assessing by the end of the year. A “PPPP MNA is suing KPT, PNSC for Rs10bn damages”: Thats going to do a lot of good.

bq.. BBC News: *More spills feared*

The tanker is thought to hold another 22,000 tonnes of oil, which could take up to another fortnight to siphon away.

But experts warn that the vessel could break apart completely before all its oil has been removed.

>> “BBC News”:

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  1. read the Suit of MNA Sherry with great interest. The poor minister forgot to make his point clearer whether he was advocating the muddy Sea Water who actually never got good enough attention or the people living in the surroundings who are no-body’s concern in Pakistan. However we still wait the decision which might never get reported to public.

    Infact this whole “psychodrama” may soon be forgotten even before some “tangible solution” comes out from somewhere. The nation questioning the government and port authorities and the Gov. in turn questionning the greek and philipino crew. Such is the sweet story of my Pakistan.

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