Day 4 of Oil Salvage Operation

It’s now day 4 of an oil salvage operation which should have been at day 24 by now. The Sindh CM in his wisdom declared that the “Glory of Seaview, Clifton will be restored in 12 days”: I hope he patents this marvelous technique of cleaning up an oil spill in 16 days as it would earn Pakistan billions of dollars. On the other hand, the experts say that “Karachi beach will remain closed for at least a year”:, but what do they know compared to the CM?

The KPT says that “there is no further leakage from the Tasman Spirit”: Dr Karen Purnell, a scientist with the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF): “The Tasman Spirit continues to leak some small quantities of oil”:, she said on Tuesday in Karachi.

The bad news it that the Daily Times estimates that 16,000 tons have been spilled, up from 12,000 tons. The article doesn’t seem to be available at the “Daily Times website”: but is a good one, asking the questions which no is going to answer. For example: The Chairman of the PNSC is heading the inquiry, while he should be under investigation himself.

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  1. The only blog covering up the Oil Spill off Karachi. I wish we could somehow arrange digital photos (any mariner listening?) to complement the excellent commentary along with the relavent URLs.Thumbs up!


  2. Tariq is right but what about we IT professionals. We could keep our blogs updated as well and link to each other so more people flock to this cyberspace. Afterall how would one know of such a marvellous blog? Keep up the great efforts Omer!


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