Day 5: Oil Spill

The New Scientest reports the the “wind worsens Pakistan oil spill”: The “WWF-Pakistan”: have put together a good “page of news and information”: about the oil castrophe, along with “pictures of the oil spill”:

Some concerened are “calling for action”: but it’s not going to do any good. The real question is, what will Musharraf decide to do about this whole mess? It’s obvious that the entire top management of the PNSC, the KPT and whoever else is concerned were slacking off on their jobs, corrupt, and even worse, plain incompetent.

Update: Weather stops Pakistan draining crude from tanker.

bq.. KARACHI, Aug 21 (Reuters) – Bad weather and high tides have halted efforts to siphon off thousands of tonnes of crude oil from a Greek tanker grounded off Pakistan’s port city of Karachi, government officials said on Thursday.

“We cannot say when the draining operation will resume as the weather forecast for the next two days is not very encouraging,” Iftikhar Ahmed, a senior official at the Karachi port, told Reuters.

>> “Reuters”:

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