Day 9: Navy ship resumes oil salvage from Tasman Spirit

The Fair Jolly has “broken down”, and the Pakistan Navy has finally decided to “join the salvage operation”: They’re using barges now to transfer the oil. Besides the “local environment”:, the oil spill is also “affecting small fisherman”:

No predictions anymore by the ever upbeat Ahmed Ali on how long it’s going to take. It seems that that even the oil spill salvage operation comes under the category of National Interest, whatever that is, so operational details are being kept close to the National Chest. What details are issued seem to be with the national fingers crossed.

Update: It’s raining in Karachi, and the sea could get rough. It’s “forecast to rain this entire week”: As the cliche goes, the one time no one in Karachi want’s rain, its going to rain.


bq.. The livelihood of more than 90,000 registered fishermen is at stake because not only have seafood sales declined, fish prices have plunged 60 to 70 percent across the board.

“Fishermen of 13 coastal villages with a population over 200,000 are among those directly affected by the oil spill,” says a survey conducted by the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, a non-governmental organization (NGO).

>> “ The Big Spill: Pak Scrubs Up but Stains Will Remain”:

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  1. I am impressed by :

    “President General Pervez Musharraf, who visited Karachi Sunday, has ordered a probe into the reasons for the spill. Port officials said they believed navigational error was the cause.”

    Early this morning, the traffic from Sea view till Teen TalwarChowk almost came to halt due to “some” official’s visit. I didn’t bother to ask who he was, the whole machinery of Karachi Police can come to halt even with any DIG’s visit. Thanks — for keeping us informed and updated. Rgds. Ejaz

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