US expert promises WMD surprises

Something is in the air. Bush is bound to pull a rabbit out of his hat once the going gets tough. It’s still not that bad, and the elections are still far away. Any third world country worthy of the label third world has a few tons of chemical weapons and what not floating around. Pakistan, India, Iraq, Iran; they all have them. Now Iraq destroyed the obvious ones which the inspectors found, but there is bound to have a few still left. If all else fails, the US is just going to reconstruct a few WMD’s from the remnants it’s found so far.

[quote]David Kay, a special adviser to the CIA, said solid progress was being made, but would not be drawn on whether any actual weapons of mass destruction (WMD) had been found.

Mr Kay said that Iraqi scientists were revealing new secrets about work on WMD and progress was also being made to unravel the regime’s concealment tactics.

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