The way of the tao

Every day of the week gone by, and today’s still not here. While tomorrow is but a dream and nobody knows which way it lies.

This is a preemptive strike on the inevitable blog post about nothing in particular. Some years back I would email my writings to friends, and sometimes they would reply. Then that stopped, and we’re still busy battling on who stopped first to write any more. Inevitably, they disappear into the horizon moving ever further away. Maybe I should tell them that I have a personal website/weblog, but you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

_this post is a work in progess_

6 thoughts on “The way of the tao”

  1. hey –, donate this post to public plzzz coz its just not yourss but of million of ppls out there with the same feeling. Glad to read such an entry here too. I think a formal blog directory is as inevitable as anytime in near past. This has to be tied down to something bigger that would drive the actual traffic and we would eventually have more voices. But the voices of those whom we want to hear may not be there until will of God be done. But let that not desert us anymore. The relations of friends are far more complex and divine than we think, I suppose. And there are things in life that are to be excluded from explorations, results and outcomes.

    I am happy your blog is still running and far more better in recieving more traffic than anyone elsewhere. May be I should join you now. or wait bit more? Keep bloggin’ and rulin’ bro.

  2. I have the same problem, actually. Of all the close friends I had from the states, almost none of them read my blog. Strangers are more intersted in keeping up with me than they are.


  3. Its not the only the voices that disappear with time but feelings also follow the voices and then there is a stage where you require something flashing to make you hear those voices and to fresh those feelings again.

  4. Abez, that’s very true!

    adbsaboor, there’s a Pearl Jam song which goes something like: “Heats and thoughts they fade, fade away, and memories, like fingerprints, are slowly erasing….”

    Ejaz, you’ll have to start someday, why keep putting it off?

  5. The very need to share your thoughts with a friend is against the Tao. The Tao is self-complete. It does not need any other things. You know the Tao, you know the Truth.

    I suppose you are talking about the Tao of Lao Tzu?

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