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A very good reason for keeping a blog from “BackupBrain”: :

bq.. Dori had been thinking about doing a weblog for a while, but couldn’t figure out a good reason why. She also had a brain that felt like it was exploding trying to remember where all the good stuff was that she’d seen on the web. A bookmark file wouldn’t work, as she didn’t want to have to look at them all the time; she just wanted to be able to search somewhere (anywhere!) and find things that she’d seen before. She decided one day that what she needed a “backup brain”–offsite storage of her memory–somewhere to store all those links she knew she’d want again someday.

That idea, combined with cool software from -Blogger- Movable Type, gave her the idea of what to do with a weblog. It’s now a storage place for all those cool sites that Tom & Dori come across that they want to share with each other, you, and themselves.

>> “What is Backup Brain?”:

p. This is what inspired me to make this blog since it made so much sense.

bq.. …The nuggets I’ve mined are at my instant disposal. I can use Blogger’s search interface to retrieve the stories I’ve posted with just a few keywords. While prepping a speech, writing a column, or working on a story, I will usually work with a browser window open to Blogger’s “Edit Your Blog” screen, cursor tabbed into the search field. I flip back and forth between my browser and my editor, entering a few keywords and instantly retrieving the details of some salient point — it’s my personal knowledge management system, annotated and augmented by my readers.

Being deprived of my blog right now would be akin to suffering extensive brain-damage. Huge swaths of acquired knowledge would simply vanish. Just as my TiVo frees me from having to watch boring television by watching it for me, my blog frees me up from having to remember the minutae of my life, storing it for me in handy and contextual form.

>> “Cary Doctorow: My Blog, My Outboard Brain”:

p. While I don’t use my blog _yet_, over time it’s going to become more and more useful to me. The “links blog”: is already useful, and this main one should be too after a while. There are many other reasons for keeping a blog, but the above was more than enough to convince me that a blog is *a good thing* to have. A diary will do just as well, some naysayers scoff, but it’s not accessible from anywhere and it can get lost/stolen. Then there’s the issue of not being able to copy vast extracts easily and so on.

The word blog is limiting. For many, it projects an image of dull writings expounding upon the author’s journey through life, and like any other human pursuit, the majority of the pursuers are either plain mediocre or suck ( _at least in the eyes of the reader_ ). My point, ( _which I’ve now forgotten_ ) was that a blog is a good subsitute for a personal knowledge management system till such time that Google grows up.

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