Bomb Blasts in Saddar

Posted January 15, 2004 to Pakistan category.

There have been two bomb blasts in Saddar in front of Trinity Church, near Avari Towers. One blast was small, while the other was big and damaged a lot of cars. No one was killed, early reports say. Breaking news is available at the Jang and Dawn websites.

Fortunately, they didn't target the Zainab market area, which is full of people throughout the day. I was stuck in traffic exactly where the blasts occured just yesterday. This city country is getting increasingly dangerous.


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its really sad. why do people have to resort to such tactics? dont they realise that they are hurting civillians. i guess they lack a consience. its too bad that the war against the rulers of the country is affecting us all.


hi friend
how r u i just wanna tell that such people deserve to excecute
they donot have right to live in this world who r bothering prople
for just money so our law must arrest theme first and put theme in
prison as soon as possible

helllllllllllllooooooooooooooo men

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