OffroadPakistan Update

I just a added an article written in 1995 prior to a month long trip to the mountains: “JEEP TRIP ’95: The Great Idea”: There is also a “picture gallery of this trip”:

There is a lot more content waiting in the wings to make a grand entrance… now if only someone can locate that damned usher…

Currently there are two travel logs, one of a 34 day trip from Karachi to Chitral and beyond, which takes up about 20 pages in MS Word, and another travel log of a 4 week trip from Karachi to the China Border, which is also another 30 odd pages. Both of these just need to be edited, proofed (just a little bit) and not much else. Besides that, there are tons of pictures which need to be sorted, resized and uploaded. It’s not as easy as it sounds… ends up taking quite a bit of time.

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