You see, the trouble is, Im not actually American …

Articulates brilliantly what people all over the world have been feeling about the American preoccupation with terror and their ham fisted way of dealing with it. Sometimes it seems like this entire war on terror is just a big pacifier for the so called American people. To call it a blinkers like they have on horses is plain wrong, for not only don’t they see either side, they also don’t see straight ahead…

bq.. But you see, the way my life runs, the security of the American people, even those I know and love, is not a constant and present consideration. I don’t get up in the morning and think ‘gee, what can I personally do to improve the security of the American people today.’ Yes, I think about it from time to time, and seriously, but honestly it figures fairly low on my daily agenda. Consequently, if I’m to be fingerprinted, photographed, iris-scanned, weighed, poked, prodded, stripped naked, denied access to sanitation, handcuffed if I so much as raise my voice to complain, and generally humiliated because of your government’s Patriot Act, I do not anticipate that I will be comforting myself with the thought that, hey, it’s okay because I’m doing my bit to ensure the security of the American people. No, really, I won’t.

*I realise this is very unAmerican of me but, you see, I’m not actually American…*

…Yours used to be a fine country, Mr Government Affairs Spokesman; I liked the straightforward way most people went about their business, and the ‘how can we make things work for you’ attitude. It was invigorating and I got a real buzz out of visiting. Now I’m not so sure I want to come and visit. I can stay at home and experience administrative paranoia; I don’t need to see that your country can do it bigger and better than anyone else. I feel uncomfortable trying to deal with an administration that feels so threatened, without being able to define what that threat really is, that it has to tell itself bigger, ever more bizarre stories about perceived threats in order to justify its reactions to what are now effectively pieces of fluff moving in the breeze. This is not healthy. The USA is no longer a healthy country, and this is clearly demonstrated in the way it deals with the rest of the world. 9/11 was a terrible thing, in and of itself, but so was bombing Afghanistan and Iraq because your administration thought the perpetrators might be hiding there, even though it had few grounds for thinking so, and even fewer now that weapons of mass destruction are providing elusive.

So, Mr Government Affairs Spokesman, you’ll excuse me if I don’t get all excited about your conviction that knowing I’m ensuring the security of your people will somehow make everything better, because, actually, it won’t.

>> “You see, the trouble is, I’m not actually American …”:

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  1. You see, the trouble is, I am american. Seriously though even though I completely support what we are doing in afghanistan and iraq. I must say that your writing was the most intelligent peice of work I’ve seen “against” the removing of a regime and removal of warlords from power. So even though I am american, I completely understand your stance, and thank you for making your opinion so clear and crisp rather than muddled with anti-americanism. Kudos to you. I’ve grown tired of the anti-american sentiments but I am genuinely impressed with your skills as an orator.

  2. Most Dems care little about iraq war as witnessed by polls. just b/c bloggers obssess about war on terror/radical islam, doesn’t mean most americans do.

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