Stuck LandCruiser

Posted March 3, 2004 to Pakistan category.

The wheel studs broke, so we had to load it on a truck. So far this is the third Landcruiser which has come along on a trip with us, and this one is also upholding a fine tradition as can be seen in the picture.

There are no pics of the first one, but you can see (and click) and thumbnail for pictures of the second Landcruiser to get stuck.

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I would say cool. But I wont.

Landcruisers are meant to be the best in the business..oh well..they cant deal with all conditions.


I was on campus when one of my fraternity brothers took me to a site he had found where a he had seen a land Cruizer stuck! That is 2 nights after i told him how i was instrumental in getting one out of trouble, while i was home ...Imagine my surprise when the site he showed me was yours ...Maa kasam what a coincidence !

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