Gadgets Galore

Stuff to possibly get:

*TV products:*

Unites your network with your home entertainment center, allowing you to share, access, and enjoy your digital media-whether it is music, videos, or photos-in the comfort of your living room.

* “D-Link DSM-320 Wireless Media Player”: :: “Froggle Search for DSM-320”: :: Plays back just about everything under the sun, and has built in 802.11g.

* “Prismiq Media Player”: :: complaints of it being buggy, slow, but otherwise seems very good. “review 1”:,1558,1131079,00.asp :: “amazon link”:

* “Roku HD1000”: :: High definition, but doesn’t support DivX playback. Primarily for photos and music. No built in wireless. Expensive. No good? “review 1”:,3973,1537443,00.asp

* “Pinnacle Showcenter”:

* “Actiontec Wireless Digital Media Player”:,1759,1573418,00.asp

*Computer Stuff*

* “SanDisk Ultra II 1 GB CompactFlash Memory Card”: :: approx 200 dollars in the US, 400 odd dollars in Karachi. Why so much discrepancy!

*Pocket PC and Palm*

* “Dell X3”:

* ‘SONY CLIE (PEG-TH55) PDA’:;sid=L_BJ2iNnESxJjmP9DOdD0WxqzrjhMwXp2Xs=?CategoryName=hp_Multimedia&Dept=hp&TemplateName=item%2fsy_item_b&ProductSKU=PEGTH55%2fU :: “Newegg”: – ‘brighthand review’: – ‘Amazon TH55 page’:

Seems to be the best palm based pda out there

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