Richard Clarke on a Rampage

Over the past few months, there’re been many small nails hammered into Bush’s coffin. Like a zombie who doesn’t know it’s dead, the Bush team keeps staggering on from mishap to mishap. They crossed the fine line between ‘spin’ and outright falsehood a long time ago, and they’re looking increasingly desperate trying just about everything to maintain their fiction of ‘compassionate conservatism’. Whatever that means. Hell, even ‘Nobel prize winning Scientists criticize the Bush administration’:

There have been a number of former administration officials who’ve come out against the Bush administration. The latest in that long and distinguished lineup is ‘Richard Clarke’:

The really interesting thing about this whole ongoing battle between the team of Bush and Fox News versus all the sane people in America is the amount of exposure it’s getting in the rest of the world. Back in the days the American administration seemed like an incomprehensible monster moving in wise and mysterious ways, doing whatever it is they do. These days it’s full of fools and all to human, stumblingly through every day like the rest of us. Anyone with access to the interenet and an interest in American politics can and do easily know more than the average US citizen about the shenanigans going on in the higher offices. It’s truly becoming a global world…

bq. The swiftness and ferocity of the Bush White House’s attack on Richard Clarke tells you two things: his story may be largely true, and the Bush administration is terrified that the American people will believe it.

>> “Guardian: Running Scared”:,14259,1178658,00.html

Someone needs to tell the whitehouse that it’s not about Richard Clarke then man – it’s about what he “said”:

2 thoughts on “Richard Clarke on a Rampage”

  1. …..and the award for worst spin doctor of the year goes to the bush administration.

    jeez they think that the people of the world are fools and they are the only ones who can make sense.

  2. the bush admin is full of neo-conservatives.

    What really stikes me is the brains and master planner(s) behind the 9-11 attacks and iraq occupation nver face the media, i am talking about Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfwitz.

    The bush admin has probably the stongest and biggest Jewsih lobby in US politics history.

    One person from the Bush admin who has told the whole truth has goota be Richard Clarke..the rest are just acting as a world policeman and doing anything which suits their cord.

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