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Blogger just got a serious makeover: “Holy Crap! That’s Blogger?”: I’ve been using it on and off since it first started, and now it’s finally become really spiffy. Even the default templates are really nice now, “designed by bonafide rockstars of the web world”: See also ‘The Great Blogger Relaunch’: by the Google team for the inside scoop.

The best thing now is that whenever someone asks me about setting up a _free_ weblog I can now point them to ‘blogspot’: with a clean conscience. It does just about everything – except for pictures, but how much can you demand for in a free tool?

I’ve had a website powered by blogger since it started – so I’m going to put one of them to some use. I’ll be posting completely random stuff there from time to time – here’s the second entry:

bq.. The new redesign of blogger is great… especially the new templates. I like! The new blogspot is good enough that now most people aren’t going to need other blogging tools… of course then there ain’t all the fun of struggling with the nittygrittys.

This blog will be used on and off to post completely random stuff – and also act as a backup in case my host packs up. I hear stuff like that has happened to some bloggers.

>> ‘vko: it’s not there yet’:

p. Suprisingly, though I had created this blog more than a year ago, it was still there despite my only having logged in once – if Microsoft had anything to do with it they would have already cancelled it after sending me ten thousand warning messages. There’s another blog which I created back in 1999/2000 and that’s also still there.

*Update:* Did I mention that the new default templates are really nice? Sure it seems that in the near future practically every blog service will be having default templates which all look exactly the same, but at least they should be readable. After all, even Linux looks almost exactly like windows.

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  1. Just upgraded my blog to blogger’s new features. They have added some nifty features. Here are the couple I found the most useful:

    (+) Post-pages and accompanying comments (single post per page, similar to the page of this comment). [Check it out]

    (+) Conditional tags. Now you can customize the appearance of the MainPage, the ArchivePages and the ItemPages. The three type of pages can all be made to look different with some relatively painless tag maneuvering in the template.

    So what’s next? How about post search, an integrated newsletter, and some blogrolling type functionality for the next release. While I am at this game, let me also ask for a moblog and some friend-and-family Google stocks.

  2. It’s not just the fact that they’re good looking… they’re also easier to read. Perhaps you could start off with one of the new ones as a base and then customize it to kingdom come. I was sorely tempted by the all the new shniy goodness…

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