The Da Vinci Code

‘!!’: Lots of hype about this one. Turns out to be yet another page-turner – decent writing but nothing special. I can see how for some people reading about brain dead sects like Opus Dei can be an eye opener if they hadn’t already heard about them, and Leonardo’s inclinations too for that matter. Hell, even GQ had done a expose of Opus Dei before this book. What was interesting was the author’s take on Leonardo. He was a genius who might have actually followed through with some of his many inventions if it wasn’t for all the running about with the hocuspocus, but Dan Brown makes him out to be completely and utterly obsessed with the Church.

This book must be a shocker for devout Christians as the author attacks a number of misconceptions about Jesus and the church. For those who haven’t read much about Christianity, the ideas being thrown out are astounding enough to overlook the weak writing style, but even than nearing the end the book got really tedious. While I’m all for bible bashers, this book seems too much like he had all these Church bashing facts all lined up and forced a story around them.

Nonetheless, recommended for bible bashers – that’s probably the major reason it’s doing so well.

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  1. i guess the Catholic church wont do anything about it . after all they have survived movies such as “dogma”, “the life of brian” etc. it would make more sense to read some other text to get a view from both sides.

  2. u should write something about the chronicles of narnia series . it’s an old book by CS Lewis but very interesting. Disney has a movie in the pipeline. i guess this is like the next “Lord of the rings” but not as an epic. i have seen the tv series based on the book. lets see how good the movie is.

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