Eating and spitting pan is prohibited

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This is a sign one sees too often in Karachi. Along with stained cancer ridden teeth and festering sidewalks… well the sidewalks are being worked on. The old ones are being replaced with these crumbly things which can hardly withstand a car crash or two (and that happens a lot in this city) at what -must be- is a hideous cost.

_The picture above was taken at Jinnah Airport, one of the few public places cleaned on a daily basis in Karachi._

These sidewalks say a lot about the priorities of our local govt. Half the city has no amenities whatsoever, and here we go about building not even sidewalks but the sides of the sidewalks.

Now since the main purpose of these sidewalks is to be spit upon, it makes not much sense to spend so much money to _beautify_ them. And I think someone forgot to mention to the powers-on-high of Karachi that the old sidewalks were still holding their own.

4 thoughts on “Eating and spitting pan is prohibited”

  1. hey KO im glad you brought up the sidewalks issue the freaken city is being furnished with NEW sidewalks someone needs to justify the expense or was there any link with ENVICRETE what do we get hmmm same old yellow black sidewalks or maybe maybe some other color

  2. Apparently there is some sort of brigadier involved in the brick making process… I’m sure you can connect the dots from there on.

  3. In Mumbai, there’s an ingenious method to keep people from spitting. They install a small portrait or a saint, god or write religious inscriptions so that people don’t dirty a place.

  4. This just upsets me…. doesn’t the gov’t know that “PAN” is something you cook food in, and “PAAN” is the yummy stuff one chews and spits!

    The literacy rate around here needs to improve.

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