George W. Bush

bq. Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, *and neither do we.* – ‘George W. Bush’:

Wow. Of all the -hundreds- thousands of ‘bushisms’: out there tripping over each other, this one is a shining gem. It’s still up on the website – generally they ‘correct’ them fast.

These guys are having a field day:

* ‘Daily Kos: Bush finally tells the truth’:

5 thoughts on “George W. Bush”

  1. sorry about my comments. i know some of them arent related to this topic.

    i guess even dan quayle has a higher iq than george w. bush. thats how stupid george w. bush is. u should check out will farrell’s george w. bush impersonations on Saturday Night Live. they are really rib tickling. why do we have a moron born every minute? its suprising that he hasnt triggered off any nuclear war. oh wait. he has triggered some wars but no nuclear war so far. if he is re elected i am sure we can look forward to that.

    as long as he is around people will be paranoid and scared to do anything. so i guess i should support all those people from the entertainment biz who wanna vote him out of power. so hats off to the dixie chick(natalie) who voiced her opinion about george w. bush. shame on u toby keith for being george’s ass kisser.

    shoot that dog. george michael’s underrated song.

  2. I am absolutely heartbroken by our current president. There are no words to explain how sleezy of a person he truely is. He always says he “speaks for the American People and is proud to lead us”, yet it seems the only one’s he’s talking about are white male weekly church-goers who make at least $100,000 a year. What about the rest of us? What about the American People who are dying everyday because they have no choice but to follow his orders to commit murder? What about the American families who lose their loved ones for this childish fight of “who gets the oil!”? Its the very people in this country who get the least help from President Bush that are ready to defend us. Where is the compassion for all of the innocense that has been lost? A man who can sound so patriotic one minute, and the very next second continue his leisurely game of golf has no compassion. I would like to see Bush go over to Iraq himself and personally see what he has created. I want him to hear the cries of saddness and hatred that he brought. Even then would it make a difference? Would he care? Of course not. His soul is as black and withered as his heart if it even exists. As long as he has the American People to be his puppets in his money-grubbing “play” we will not know the end of heartache and dismay. I pity you Mr. President. I pity you because I can only imagine what it is like to be the most hated man in America, but mostly I pity you because I know you will live in fear once you no longer represent this country. When you will no longer have to power to toy with us. As for my personal comment to you: “I hope you rot…”

  3. You are a total idiot. Just because you are a liberal retard, doesn’t give you any right to beat down our president. So fuck OFF!!!

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