Alternative energy

“Shey’s Rebellion”: _Is Pakistan making an effort to use alternative energy sources, especially in the rural areas?_

Kaleem Omar answers:

bq.. Meanwhile, the chairman of Pakistan�s Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), Air Marshal (Retd.) Shahid Hamid, told a press conference in Quetta on October 13 that his organization is developing alternative sources of energy and has initiated a number of schemes in this connection.

“Our plan is to generate energy from the sun, wind and other sources equal to the total installed generation capacity of the country by 2015 as the current sources of energy including oil and gas are rapidly depleting,” Hamid said.

>> “The News Business Review”:

p. He certainly is aiming in the right direction, and it’s really nice to hear that they plan to match the current electricity output with ‘clean’ energy. I just wish they would reveal their plans on how exactly they plan to get there. Is there a website with their plans? checking… nope, google certainly hasn’t heard of it. Has one of the many newspapers in this country come across this plan and published anything at all about it? Nope… nothing there either. What about if I ask them directly:

bq. *Alternative Energy Development Board*

Contact: Brig. Dr. Nasim A. Khan, Secretary/Member Tech.

Fax. No.: 9251-9205790

Tel. No.: 9251-9223427

Address: 344-B, Prime Minister’s Secretariat

Government of Pakistan

While I wait for their reply, some more wandering about on the web finds this Asian Development Bank project, “Capacity Building for Alternative Energy Development Board”:

bq. *Objectives and Scope* The objective of the Project is to strengthen the institutional capacity and technical capability of AEDB to facilitate and coordinate the GOP’s efforts *to make RE 10% of the energy mix by 2015.* The Project will have three components: (i) assist in prioritizing the various parts of AEDB’s mandate and *developing a business plan* for AEDB with immediate, medium-term, and long-term work plans…

If the AEDB is asking the ADB for help to develop a plan, and the ADB is going to start hiring consultants in Dec 2004, than we’ll be well into 2005 by the time theres even hope of a plan. Was the air marshals speech yet another classic case of putting the cart before the horse? If he has a concrete plan, than why ask the ADB for one? If not, than how can he announce the aims of the plan when there is no plan?

The *only other project* the ADB is funding for renewable engery development hasn’t started yet. _(ed: like the above)_.

Efforts are ongoing, and have been for many years now for alternaitve energy development. For example:

bq. A mosque in Alipur Farash, a village nestling in the undulating countryside on the outskirts of Islamabad, had already been fitted with solar panels in a test run before at least 100 homes in the community were provided with the same equipment. “This is just the beginning. We plan to provide 1,000 homes in each province with electricity through solar energy. And this is all on a self-help basis: this is all being done through donations from the private sector,” he said.

>> “PAKISTAN: Alternative energy to boost power generation”:

The problem with piece meal efforts like the above is that they don’t really affect anything… all these small scale projects don’t really affect the big picture. While they are to be applauded as most of these small scale projects are being done by individuals and NGO’s, the government needs to aim higher. Which they are, but again instead of wholly depending on foreign investment and NGO’s, it would be nice if they also whole heartedly jumped into this. After all, the govt. forks over billions of rupees to KESC and Wapda every year to ensure that they can afford to have over half the electricity in Karachi mysteriously disappear. Rising oil prices affect Pakistan more than developed countries, since oil is such a large component of our imports that any increase in oil prices adversely affects the rupee value, which in turn increases export prices, not to mention causing inflation at home. Alternative energy is still more expensive than regular oil fired powerplants but at least they’re not subject to fluctuating oil prices. Also taking into consideration that most of the power plants in this country are old and highly inefficent, alternative energy could very well turn out to be cheaper – and this is without even taking the environment benefits into account.

h4. more on this:

* “WorldChanging”: :: A Newly Electric Green � Sustainable Energy, Resources and Design

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  1. Most of the government deptts are like that. Most of these are now headed by “Air Marshals” or “Generals”. We all know the drill. Stories, Stories and Stories. An the funding they get? Well… it’s a different story.

  2. Mostly it is just being said about using the enrgy resources of Pakistan. What I have seen is that the resources of Pakistan would be utilized but only by their privatization which is like selling our country. Govt. gives aad in the newspaper worldwide sometimes tenders are given ultimately the foreigners are invited to pay the money innnitially and then utilize the resources. Then that energy resource becomes very expensive for the people of our own country. Why would any foreigner invest for our benefit they would only invest for their own benefits ultimately the people of our country suffer.

    I hope that someday my prayers would be heared and my country would evetually be in safe hands.

  3. I´m Alejandro Corral Aguirre ,working in the petroleum industry since 1976, supervising estimulation jobs, cementing jobs, logging jobs etc

    My opinion about your article of energy is that i think it is very interesting , because you think in other kinds of energy for children ( people of the future ) we ´re depleting oil and gas in worldwide reserves. How do you think you convince goverment to change this ?

  4. I have been working with these guys and I left them only because of the fact-they only have words to deliver. Well, this is only lip service and I am sure you would hear the same story 10 years down the line; I wish Pakistan to exist by that time.

  5. hi..i m abrar inayat.. student of master of sustainable energy systems in sweden…& i have studied about Solar energy, Fuel cell, Power genration, Bio Fuel, Refrigenration & heat pump technology.& i hope fully that the devolpment of these energy resources in Pakistan is carried out now a days.& i also have desire to work about these energy resources in Pakistan..if some chance will given to me…Inshaa Allah…

  6. i am student of M.Sc Electronics,now a days i am doing my research thesis on topic”Enerdy Situation &Alternative in pakistan”.i request to (AEDB )related people to please help me in this project . if possible then send me the relavant material .i also want to show ” the resources of renewable energy in pakistan”.

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  7. Dear Sir

    I am student of Master in Architecture at U.E.T Lahore.

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    Can u plz. mail me the information regarding to your future plans within province of Sindh, because i am going to pursue my M.Phil by research degree from QUEST Nawabshah on the topic” Electrical Energy consumption trends in domestic buildings of Pakistan ( Nawabshah city in phase-I) and effects of conservation on National consumption” Sir i have chosen this topic because the share of 45% is in domestic sector, it must be reduced so that to release pressure on the power system for its best performance .

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  16. We have used biomass energy or bio-energy— the energy from organic matter— for thousands of years, ever since people started burning wood to cook food or to keep warm. And today, wood is still our largest biomass energy resource. But many other sources of biomass can now be used, including plants, residues from agriculture or forestry, and the organic component of municipal and industrial wastes. Even the fumes from landfills can be used as a biomass energy source.

    Biomass is organic matter originally derived from plants, produced through the process of photosynthesis, and which is not fossilized (such as coal). Biomass can act as a store of chemical energy to provide heat, electricity and transportation fuels, or as a chemical feedstock for bio-based products.

    Biomass resources include wood from plantation forests, residues from agricultural and forest production, and organic waste streams from industry, livestock, food production, and general human activities. Examples are wood chips, sawdust, cotton ginning trash, nutshells, manure and human sewage. This study has focused principally on biomass from trees and then agricultural crops. Other sources of biomass, such as animal and human wastes, are not considered here.

    Biomass for energy is a unique form of renewable, solar energy. Of the massive 178,000 x 1012 Watts of solar energy that falls on the Earth’s surface, some 0.02% or 40 x 1012 Watts is captured by plants via photosynthesis and bound into biomass energy. This translates into the production of some 220 billion ‘dry’ tones of biomass per year, which as an energy source represents some ten times the world’s total current energy use. Currently some 15 percent of the planet’s energy requirements are met from biomass, mainly for cooking and heating in developing countries, but also increasingly for fuelling a growing number of large scales, modern biomass energy plants in industrialized countries.

    In our throwaway society, biomass waste is becoming an increasingly costly disposal problem. Governmental agencies are clamping down on indiscriminate dumping and leaching from existing piles of wood & agricultural waste. Slash burning from logging operation is being prohibited totally in more populated areas. All fossil fuel prices are predicted to escalate at an increasing rate, while costs for biomass fuels are dropping as disposal costs rise. Waste Biomass promises to be one of our greatest energy bargains for the foreseeable future.

    The use of biomass energy has the potential to greatly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Biomass generates about the same amount of carbon dioxide as fossil fuels, but every time a new plant grows, carbon dioxide is actually removed from the atmosphere. The net emission of carbon dioxide will be zero as long as plants continue to be replenished for biomass energy purposes. These energy crops, such as fast-growing trees and grasses, are called biomass feed stocks. The use of biomass feed stocks can also help increase profits for the agricultural industry.

    Can an energy source that has been used for millions of years still be a viable resource to meet our future energy needs? This is the question that faces the use of biomass, the burning of biological, grow able material to produce energy, namely in the form of electricity. In order to answer these questions we need to examine the history, other uses and sources, advantages and disadvantages, the environmental impact of biomass, calculations for projected use, how it is used today, and the future of biomass.

    Biomass as an energy source began when early humans learned to start fire with twigs and leaves. Up until the days of the Industrial Revolution this was the main energy supply of modern countries like the United States. However, the Industrial Revolution gave way to the use of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, as producers of heat and electricity. Developing countries still make use of biomass in a primitive form because they do not have the technologies to use other resources. Today, centuries later, it is still used when we burn firewood, charcoal, and manure. However, as an advanced form of energy, fossil fuels, hydroelectricity, and nuclear power have replaced biomass. Despite the lack of effort put into the development of biomass power, there has been a renewed interest in recent years, due to the increase in awareness of the diminishing current energy sources. Research improved in 1991 when the U.S. Department of Energy organized a Biomass Power Project to expand the use of renewable energy via biomass. From the success of the program new technologies, techniques, and materials have been found to help make biomass a leading energy source for the future.

    Besides burning biomass to produce electricity, it can also be changed into a gas-like fuel or a liquid fuel. One gas-like fuel, methane, comes from the burning of crops to produce a combustible gas that is comparable to natural gas. A source of methane is landfills. Wells can be drilled into landfills to release a methane gas that is produced from food scraps and other waste decays. This gas can be used in a turbine, which is more efficient than steam turbines. Liquid fuels, also called bio-fuels, come in two forms: ethanol and methanol. Ethanol is the most commonly used bio-fuel made from corn and other grains. In the future, a combination of ethanol and alcohol could be used in alcohol engines and become competitive with gasoline to power vehicles.

  17. I know about how the present government is tryinh to utilize the alternative resources to fullfill the energy requirements of pakistan in coming future and the dedicated team is selected for this purpose. I pray for their success for making pakistam brighter. Air Marshal(R) Shahid Hamid may u succeed to achive your goal as you achieved in shape of AERO.

  18. Im a student of architecture cyrrently studying at the Indus valley school of art and architecture.Im doing my thesis on designing an energy efficient house in Karachi and my design would revolve around the principles of green architecture (both passive and active solutions) and I will propose a prototypical house so that it becomes a NORM in karachi in the future. I want information on solar panel installation, solar heating systems, biogas and solar pits, water recycling as techniques applicable and most appropriate for the houses of Karachi If anyone has any information regarding any data both technical and relating to design constraints etc, kindly email me.

  19. Is there any one who knows any thing about sustainable development especially with reference to Pakistan? I am about to join a course on this subject in Oct and I need some one to talk to about this. (dont gimmee SDPI or AEDB etc.)

    By the way, Solar project in small villages, wind mills, biomass, biodiesel, ethanol are at present failures in Pakistan. See Pakistan Energy Report 2003 (not published after that).

    When you claim solar geysers worth thousands of dollars from donor agencies and install something else instead of it…no one is going to fund you next time.

  20. To Mr. Abdul Moeed Mudassir can contact me on my email address for sustainable development study. We actually fot a assembly plant in Karachi for PV modules production.Dont bother AEDB, its is a useless department. Ive spoken to Dr. Naseem on many occasions. They guys dont know a heck what they’re upto. My email address is:

    Many tnx Bye

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  22. i want to know that is there any system avilable to supply electricity to one house using solar energy? what wuould be its cost? to whom should i contact? Does government can help me insttaling for a very poor family who are without electircity.

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  26. I am Mohammad Khan, an electrical engineer (post graduate in EE and MBA) from Pakistan, living and working in California since 1978.

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  29. Alternate Energy is pep., talk in civilised society. People in middle class, intellectual discussions talk about alternates in energy. With international financial support a regulator was formed AEDB. Wind farms are established. Solar panels lights are installed in Islamabd etc., seminar organised frequently.

    Energy situation need no elaboration. I’ll only talk about alternate fuels. Environmental degradation NGO’s seminars, hi-tea, and lunches are good to participate. Motorisation in wake of flexible financing of autos, lack of public transport, use of fossil fuels. It is extremely urgent to consider the use of alternative fuel in automobiles. CNG is good, but why not the LPG? Benefits of LPG are documented viz-a-viz CNG which requires major capital investment for compression, and kits. Japan is the case example for usage of LPG largest in the world. LPG’s autogas industry was never consiered important. Taxis using LPG initiated, but the premium on the LPG prices let them down. As CNG was cheaper, but they cannot afford to install a CNG kit. LPG installation costs little, safe, clean, global acceptance. I will want to invite the regulator, NGO’s, for a debate on the economics of LPG, and for the support of LPG in Pakistan. Why LPG as alternate fuel is not coming to Pakistan as tax free to stabilise prices in the local market.

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    Allah hafiz

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  38. Pakistan can make windmills also called wind turbines

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  41. I am interested in purchasing 150 units of Solar Energy Panels , which should support 2000 watts each. I need prices , availability of goods and training + support.

    Interested companies can contact me through email or my cell 0321-8401245

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