On Writing

This text is being knocked out faster than… faster than… a typewriter? The music goes on, and on, but words get harder to write. Well the music gets harder to – see most music bands. The majority seem to lose whatever it is they had once upon a time which enabled them to churn out the good stuff.

So that’s why they have this thing called writer’s block. Perhaps it’s better to have writers block than to spew out words as fast as they can be typed. (well, maybe a little slower thant that.) And wait a minute – this is a weblog. So it ain’t even technically writing in the first place.

Anyways, it’s the words that matter. Soon they’ll be back, given time.

Every once in a while it’s hard to write. There’s an infinite blank canvas sitting in every computer, waiting to be filled. Will maybe not waiting, but it’s definitely there. So what to do about it?

Write a book? All right, so one fine day I will. No, today. The plot? In this post-postmodern world is a plot even necessary?

Why write? Back in school/college one would knock out essays on all sorts of random topics as required in the various courses taken over the years – and there -is- was a certain satisfaction in seeing one’s essays squeaking through to a acceptable grade. Of course, the majority were just a bunch of words strung together with spit and duct tape, their only redeeming quality the passing grade they got. Now and then though, something would emerge which one could be justifiably proud of.

There are a lot of interesting ‘quotations on writing here’:http://www.quotationspage.com/subjects/writing/, both pro and con.

bq. The best reason to write is the best reason to do anything�because it helps you grow and develop your potential. Writing is a terrific way to learn. When you write you discover whether you really understand something, or just think you do; and the very process of writing makes you think, and think hard.

>> “The Nuts and Bolts of Writing”:http://nutsandbolts.washcoll.edu/thinking.htm

4 thoughts on “On Writing”

  1. writing is therapy for the soul. i discovered that listening to music while writing can stifle talent. so i can blame music for my writer’s block. it has to be a permanent side-effect. however there are times when i can write really well coz i am in a positive state of mind.

  2. I assure you writing an amazing piece only comes at the spur of the moment and feels exactly like

    “This text is being knocked out faster than… faster than… a typewriter” it honestly does

    I agree with ‘thor’ sometimes writing is therapy for the soul. For me writing has to be emotional and I can’t create the moment it comes itself similarly vanishes – and the moment cant be re-created that is the reason I carry my pet laptop around instantly convert it to text when lightening does strike 😉

  3. I had writer’s block for a good part of two years. I wrote university term papers and assignments and what-not, but that just made it more obvious that I couldn’t write. And one day I just sat and forced myself to write a paragraph. I think Stephen King put it about right: you need an ideal reader, someone to write for; to know(or wonder) how he/she will react to something, whether they’ll like it or smile at it. Its the way I’ve always written, so maybe I’m biased. Writing is so therapuetic, though. And typing just adds to it, I think. Typing out what you’ve written in the early morning holds a lot of good memories. Nice blog, KO .. keep writing!

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