The case of the missing centrifuges

bq. And, then, there was the startling revelation by Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sheikh Rashid Ahmed that Dr A Q Khan had provided centrifuges for uranium-enrichment to Iran. *The government, of course, had nothing to do with it. So who did? Who controls the country’s nuclear assets?*

>> “Hans Bremer: The writing on the wall”:


A gas centrifuge is not something Dr. Khan could have slipped into his briefcase on a trip to Iran. Considering the KRL labs are guarded by security straight out of a b-grade spy thriller _(ed: perhaps even up to James Bond standards)_ they must haved noticed someonce walking out with not one but a *few* centrifuges tucked under their arm.

bq.. Pakistan has confirmed that the former head of its nuclear weapons programme, AQ Khan, gave centrifuges for enriching uranium to Iran.

…The Pakistani information minister stated again on Thursday that his government had no knowledge of Dr Khan’s activities. “He helped Iran in his personal capacity,” he said, the Associated Press news agency reported.

>> “BBC: Iran given Pakistan centrifuges”:

p. While Dr. Khan might be persona non grata in Pakistan’s nuclear labs, the local spy agencies should consider hiring him. All those years of succesfully dodging the numerous local and foreign spy agencies keeping an eye on must have really polished his James Bonds skills.

What is interesting to note that all the information about Pakistan’s nuclear going ons always comes from abroad. Our govt. doesn’t deign to inform anyone here about whats going on:

bq. What is regrettable is that the government keeps its own people in the dark, and that it is left to the foreign media to come up with new disclosures about Dr Khan’s activity.

>> ‘Dawn’:

The puzzling thing about this is that if our foreign ministers, prime ministers in exile and other hacks can go about telling all and sundry about Pakistan’s nuclear exploits, why not at home? Why is it thay they can’t even lie consistently? Most days it is claimed we have no centrifuges, then others they act suprised and ask what is a centrifuge, then it’s oh yeah, we sold a few here and there, and the next back to total denial.

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