I had posted ‘earlier’: about Gmail’s superiority to every other email system, but now even ‘the competition’: is saying the same thing:

bq.. What I’ve discovered is that GMail is rather amazing. Like Flickr, it’s on a very short list of Internet applications that are at least as good as their desktop counterparts. In the case of GMail, it’s faster and easier to use than any desktop mail application I’ve tried.

Let me say that again, to reinforce my point. *GMail is really damn fast. Faster than desktop email.* And the interface feels no more complicated than it needs to.

p. The above post is from someone with a super fast computer, and even then Gmail responds faster then a local application! If anyone still needs a Gmail invite, ‘this site’: has a million of them.

bq. The more I use GMail, the more I find myself re-thinking about the question: ‘Where will you store your data?’: I’m becoming more and more comfortable with it living on servers–mine and Google’s in this case.

Gmail helps with the above question, as it makes it a lot easier to deal with email. No more pages of email to scroll through – the search button works wonders. The drafts feature makes it convenient to type longer documents in the gmail interface, especially with spell check thrown in.

Gmail is a good first step to dealing with ‘Information Overload’:, and the way google is going they will probably be rolling out more ways to ‘organize your data’: soon.

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