Karachi Photography

Posted November 23, 2005 to Pakistan category.

"The Shadows They Draw." This, and other must see photography at Ali Khurshid's Flickr.

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Beauty in-depth.

That is a beautiful picture! Keep them coming.


The best monochromatic ever, a very unique approach to sunset.
Love It.

yar bhai meray....who is this khurshid guy....i mean im totally blown away by his pics here man.....it's too good man....i mean wow man....i cant get over with it....thanks for sharing that link man....makes one feel proud to b in this city....by the way KO, this is salman from the once upon a time spider fame....im still associated with the DAWN group....carry on the gr8 work man...ur the man

also please ignore my frequent use 'man' in the above post...lol....im just too stunned after lookin at those awesome pics...thx KO

Duly ignored! The pictures are stunning.

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