What your tv giveth, PEMRA taketh away

Earlier, PEMRA had banned a local radio channel for broadcasting BBC news headlines, but that was just the warmup for the main act. Pemra, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, blocked the Discovery channels recently, along with a random assortment of 31 other channels as a New Year’s gift to the whole country. Now, twisted as they may be, for the benefit of future generations to come here are the thought processes behind their decisions:

h4. Ban all Indian TV channels

* Censor 1: “The horror! Think of the children! They will grow up corrupted watching all those songs and dances!”

* Censor 2: “I know, I know old chap, now that the local channels have copied all their shows we certainly don’t need no steenking Indian TV!”

* Toady 1: “But, but, but, boss, all you talk about is the million and 1 Indian movies you grew up watching….”

* Censor 1: “Toady, you have to understand, us high minded types at the top of the political food chain have built up Anti-India TV defences, so we are safe, but the younger generation is at great risk!.”

Censor 2: “Just imagine if they started watching Antakshari!”

And so it passes that all Indian TV is banned.

h4. Sports Channels

* Censor 1: “Oh my god there are women playing soccer on this EPSN!”

* Censor 2: “Thats not all, they’re actually good at it! And they play billiards as well!”

* Censor 1: “Can’t have that now, must ban all these foreign sports channels. I mean, whoever allowed them in the first place???”

* Toady 1 “um, uh, Sir, but I thought it was us.. ” -shuts up after both censors glare at him.

* Censor 1: “Look Toady, I know you’re young, but even you should know that just one sports channel is enough – after all there is only one Pakistan cricket team, right?”

h4. National Geographic

* Censor 1: “Ok guys, this one is really vile, hell, it’s so bad I can’t even talk about it…”

* Censor 2: “Oh, that NatGeo, I’ve heard about it, it’s one of those blasted channels which tries to brainwash young children – off with it’s head!”

* Censor 1: “Did you see that program they ran claiming it was some nonsense shifting of tectonic plates which casued the earthquake. What rubbish!”

* Censor 2: “Toady, I hope you stay well away from such American propaganda!”.

h4. Discovery History, Science, Civ, Nature

This is a real tough one. Experts have been called upon to try to decipher why Discovery Civilization, Discovery History, Discovery Nature, and that vilest of vile channels, Discovery Science, have been banned by the Pakistan government. This is probably how it went:

* Censor 1: “Yaar, the list is only up to 31 channels so far, you all know that number will confuse the big boss Mr. Aziz, why don’t we round it up?”

* Toady 1 claps hands: “Good idea boss!”

* Censor 2 looks at list of channels: “Hey look, there are these 4 channels all starting with the same name! Discover something or the other… I’ve never heard of them before.”

* Toady 1 (punching away on his calculator phone: “Brilliant idea boss! 31+4… uh, that’ll bring the total to 35!”

* Censor 2 pats Toady on the head “Now you’re thinking!”

* Censor 1 looks at watch and notices it’s already 12:30pm: “Oh my god it’s getting late.. I have to run… Toady 1, add these nonsense discovery channels to the list and issue it already. Oh, and make sure the list says _at least 35_ so we can add more later.”

h4. the aftermath

As one can imagine, a few misguided folks tried to protest. The PM, Shaukat Aziz explains: “PEMRA should have a lean structure. It should have mobile inspection teams and technology driven enforcement, and obviously if we allow so many channels than they won’t be able to keep an eye on them all. Aziz also said that Pakistan had an open media policy but the government could not allow programmes that were against the faith, culture and tradition of the country”. Chairman of PEMRA Iftikhar Rashid says the ban will continue on all foreign channels that negate the *social, cultural and religious values of Pakistan.* The Chairman PEMRA was later spotted at a conference congraluting himself.

It is good to know that someone is watching out for the *social, cultural and religious values of Pakistan.* Decades of watching Indian movies have trained these someone well. Now if they would just tell us once and for all what exactly the ‘social, cultural and religious values of Pakistan’ are, I am sure all those pesky know-nothing 140 million ‘citizens’ would shut up and be happy with the whatever channels they have left.

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  1. earlier this year when i was in pak i waited n waited for the da vinci code documentary on natgeo only to find the signal cut off during it.after that i made a series of calls starting from my cable company to pemra.no one would tell me the reason of blocking it,just that it was unsuitable!I got to see it later anyway and it still doesnt make sence y they would want to block that

  2. well well well ,,,, pakistani consumers should understand what is copyright and what are broadcast rights. i have posted comments earlier in the forum on this website. in summary i totally support what PEMRA has done. my grounds for supporting them are not based on the humour in the article above or the censorship laws to protect social and cultural or moral values. in my opinion PEMRA must block those channels coz they are being stolen by cable pirates. channels from south africa, middle east showtime, orbit are being relayed freely on pakistani cable tv. those channels, be it discovery or national geographic or whatever are meant for either middle eastern or indian market.

    if someone wants to broadcast these channels in pakistan, they should get the license and do so. cant be simple than that.

    one more thing, if these illegal channels are not blocked in pakistan today, no DTH is ever going to succeed in pakistan. no wonder 2 DTH providers like ARY and Cross Currents pvt ltd. who were awarded DTH license in Nov, 2003 have yet to come forward with their offerings.

    so instead moaning and groaning about why PEMRA is blocking all those channels, pakistani consumers should first understand what are copyrights and read more about broadcast rights

  3. KO, you really are furious – seriously, or perhaps knowingly naive? The reason for PEMRA’s public excuses (culture, faith bullshit) is a tactical eyewash to hide the real problem.

    This is in reaction to, gentlemen, (drumroll please) the recent threats by a consortium of some Arab and multinational media and content-distributors/rebroadcasters (satellite beam handlers really) to ‘do something’ about the open leeching and pirating of their property. Since they couldn’t really do it themselves (really hard to spread a block-mesh over Pakistan’s entire sky, you see) they chose the next best thing: squeeze a vulnerable government that’s already under pressure over certain Arab investments. Their cause received fuel by certain local channel owners with political influence, who, of course, maintained that ‘its bad business for local media’, thus forced the government even more, which likes to be called business friendly.

    But don’t drop your knickers just yet ladies. This is just a consequential step and will automatically be ‘neutralized’ as the dust settles, so don’t panic!

    It’s just business. 🙂

  4. _KO, you really are furious – seriously, or perhaps knowingly naive? The reason for PEMRA’s public excuses (culture, faith bullshit) is a tactical eyewash to hide the real problem._

    When you have the Prime Minister of the country lying needlessly over something where the truth could suffice, there is something really wrong with the whole setup. How could we say with a straight face that Nat Geo and Discovery is against the ‘moral, cultural and religious values’ of Pakistan?

    PTV is starting up a DTH service, so one way of making sure it’s succesfull is by banning tv cable channels. It’s just business, and yes, the channels were airing illegally, but even than the PM had to lie on national TV about the reasons for banning them.

    DTH is expensive, while cable TV is cheap. At the end of the day those who can afford it will switch to DTH, while those on cable will do without.

  5. When you have the Prime Minister of the country lying needlessly over something where the truth could suffice, there is something really wrong with the whole setup.

    Hehehe, politics and lying!! What’s coming next! 🙂 It’s just another day at the office, KO – like anywhere else in the world.

  6. Lets give the PM a break. He’s got enough on his hands. Personally speaking, I am glad the Indian channels are out of the cable system I subscribe to. As obtuse as this outlook maybe, I find the good channels on the cable – are always in the high-80s. I’m not sure what the story with Nat. Geo is, but I for one liked that channel.

    The whole debate about Indian channels being aired in Pakistan and now being blocked is much more complex than it seems.

  7. I too have no issue with banning Indian channels,yeah lots of ladies would be restless though,i was told that all pakistani channels are Officially banned in India and yet Geo is trying its best to comeout as local Indian Channel.

    Discovery isn`t banned to me,nor GEO,i am also able to see movie chanels like SHOWTIME ,Move channel etc

  8. I am disappointed in Shaukat Aziz. He has chosen to rally and

    hide behind slogans of ‘Islam’ and ‘values’, just like the right in

    this country. He is a quick learner, boy.

    Our incoherent, go-stop-go media policy is indicative of a clue-

    less, opportunistic and amoral bureaucracy. Sad to see, this

    great country, ruled by undistinguished chimps.

    Sheikh Chilli

  9. Yups KO u r furious…and i dont blame u…i’m in favor of dismantlening Indian channels…but NatGEO & ESPN..etc..tats just BS…talking abt Faith and Islam….they didnt baned MTV or V channel…coz u know they themselves watch it…i mean they are the worst…Helll if somebody watchs those Rap songs u can be serioulsy turned on…

    PM is just a puppett who will talk & act as said by his Puppeter….talkng abt GEO…i think this should be banned first…i mean wat the hell…every stupid indian dram is on it…and llok at our drama’s as well..can u imagine the whole family watching GEo’s soaps…at least there is tradition is saab bhee bahu thee… the new channels have a very pathetic & corrupt creative team….they want publicity so they hav a policy to show the flesh as much as possible…Its all hte effects of Globalisation….

    talk abt PTV on DTH…its a laughing stock…30+ channels…WHERE in the heck r they gonna get the funds & ppl to run themm…hehehe…..there could be a channel….PTV cooking, PTV washing, PTV talking….hahahahah :)…anyway…the thing pemra ihas done ..it has done it in the past as well with no real achivement….so i guess this will also be like another ‘Dikhawa of PEMRA’….

    p.s. i dont want to be rude but why Guy is jeleous of us getting good tv & net at cheaper prices & he isnt….

  10. I agree with KO on the fact that the govt should come clean, if they want to crack down on illegal activity then say so, dont just ban indian feeds, and later negotiate a deal with Sony TV and let them free.

    If its DTV then say so. A lame excuse to block Indian Channels – is just BS. Lets see how long Mrs. Musharraf and all the other general’s wives can stay away Star Plus drama serials

  11. Doc. Teeth Maestro (I like your handle), First of all I think that blocking the channels was done only because their copyright was not being respected. And secondly Mrs. Sehba Musharraf as well as all the other general’s wives will not be missing out much as all the flag staff houses and the GOC houses in the nation are supplied with subscription TV the likes of which many pakistani’s have not seen, they get channels usually not available to the general public. I’m sure the General’s would not compromise on the quality of TV and thus would avoid subscribing to cable operators.

  12. bq. First of all I think that blocking the channels was done only because their copyright was not being respected.

    It’s got nothing to do with copyright, and everything to do with money, politics and stupidity. The non-Indian channels were cancelled because PEMRA wants money from them, while the Indian channels were cancelled in the ‘national interest’, that dead horse trotted out to explain everything under the sun.

    In a nation where everything is pirated, and even the local channels broadcast from Dubai and are then ‘pirated’ by the local cable operators, it makes no sense to ban a channel over copyright issues.

    bq. I am disappointed in Shaukat Aziz. He has chosen to rally and hide behind slogans of ‘Islam’ and ‘values’, just like the right in this country. He is a quick learner, boy.

    Very true. His acting is also improving over time.

    bq. The whole debate about Indian channels being aired in Pakistan and now being blocked is much more complex than it seems.

    Complex? There’s nothing complex about it! It’s basic economics and psychology 101.

  13. PEMRA is reduntant organization and they have No right to take away Entertainment which people of Pakistan were getting through Urdu/Punjabi Channels notwithsatnding they were Indians.Whole of Canada and Caribbean countries are watching channels beamed to USA.Is Law so supreme then why these channels were shown for 15 long years or more.PEMRA was only born in 2002 and they too continued with the practice.Fact is Dec 22 a Association of TV channel owners was formed and same day Ban was imposed.Otherwise showing of any channel has Never been objected by Indian TVs and even Now those who can afford are watching channels incl Indians direct from satellites.President should intervene and direct PEMRA to STOP torturing already enetertainment satarved people of Pakistan,earlier the better.It may also be considered to do Away with PEMRA to reduce financial burden as the work was previously beeing done very well by Min of communications.

  14. Why are we so bothered if Indian channels are banned?What info or knowledge will we get that can`t be got by other means? if its all against Democracy?why India has banned all pakistani channels including Pvt channels like Geo etc?i have relatives in INdia who told me that they cant see Pakistani channels Legally like we watch Indian channels like STar etc,so is it against Indian democracy?I guess not,PEMRA if didnt do something in past,it doesn`t mean they shouldn`t do in future too,its like Wine was permitted at time of Jesus but later prohbited by the Prophet(SAW), should muslims of that time complain that it was allowed before not now? so please calm down,Indians channels MUST NOT be allowed by anyways,i am infact happy abuot it,yes Sports channels shoudn`t be banned nor channeks liek discovery etc,i agree with people here

  15. Pemra Resisting Global TV ? Not Quite !

    With ultimately misplaced apprehensions of my own, hence optimism, for a future media environment, this is a significant shake-up/shaping-up to global engagement. Opening the door to business may be easier than having a state consensual agenda on content. For media matters, we are better off without it, it seems. Once (if!) things are in place – institutions, citizen involvement – we can a have things like a real media policy and broadcast codes. Till then its … tinkering as usual.

    Electronic media policy soon, says Aziz – Daily Times

    Channels put off air temporarily: Pemra – Dawn

    What your tv giveth, PEMRA taketh away – KO

  16. i think that pakistani goverment is very stupid and idiot.they dont have good channels and they dont have money to make good dramas,i know that few indian dramas r sensless and there are very stupid things in that but even then people stick to these dramas becoz the stars r good acting is also good and there is something in these dramas which convince people to watch them.i dont think that it is effecting on pakistani culture, these r only lame excuses that they r effecting pakistani culture.in many other countries people r watching pakistani dramas so what that mean? that our culture is affecting teir culture so they should also stop watching our channles too.i think pakistani government is very coward they r afraid of indian channles becoz nobody is watching pakistani dramas.in pakistani dramas there is nothing in it and they cant even do good acting.Geo channel is copying indian dramas, go and watch “jo baat ghar mei hai” and “kuch kahi and kuch unkahin”.i think then they should ban Geo channel also becoz they r copying india and on the other side they r saying that india is making stupid dramas then y they r copying them.in short i want to say that they should lift ban from these channels becoz pakistani women who r house wives, these r the only entertainment for them and government is doing foolish things by banning them, there is no use in banning these channels becoz these dramas r soo popular that they r available in cds so lets go watch it;)

  17. i appreciate the act of government of banning Star plus beacause they are seriously

    damaging us.Star plus is just showing there religious activities which are harmful for

    our culture.if some is saying that tv cant chang our culture so i will say that culture changes in decades not in one or two years.the peoples those who say that pakistani dramas are not good as indian i will ask them only one question that why Prerna (their

    ideal) deliver babies without mariage remember she is heroine.

  18. hey mister what do u mean by this silly question?if u dont like to watch these dramas then switch off ur tv who told u to watch them.tell me one thing that y Geo is copying their dramas then?if u think that these dramas r effecting our culture i think u r absolutely wrong becoz there is no culture in pakistan,what do u think abt pakistani films?r they showing pakistani culture?they r wearing those vulgar dresses which r not allowed in Islam so what do u think abt that?y u r keep insisting to close star plus dramas only?our stupid films r also spoiling our culture.if u dont want to watch these dramas them cutt off ur cable.indians r not saying that watch their dramas,they r not forcing us, we watch them becoz we like them there r many things except prerna’s pregnancy, many things which r good in these dramas. y u r only seeing the negative side.so stop saying these foolish thing and use ur brain

  19. i think u r absolutely wrong becoz there is no culture in pakistan

    No Sony,I think you are absolutely Ignorant by making statment that there is no Pakistani Culture at all,if pakistani media is failed to show it,doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist anyway,before Muslim invasion in India there was no such culture or say some ay decent culture in India,muslims brought lots of things from food to fashion,Biryani was no hindu dish anyway,mughal dressings were not part of Hindu culture,we muslims brought it from Arab and these hindus adopted it,even their hindi has lots of words from urdu or say arabic or farsi.

    yeah they did bring their religious stuff in it that was later adopted by muslims who migrated to pakistan.

  20. i think u r absolutely wrong becoz there is no culture in pakistan

    No Sony,I think you are absolutely Ignorant by making statment that there is no Pakistani Culture at all,if pakistani media is failed to show it,doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist anyway,before Muslim invasion in India there was no such culture or say some ay decent culture in India,muslims brought lots of things from food to fashion,Biryani was no hindu dish anyway,mughal dressings were not part of Hindu culture,we muslims brought it from Arab and these hindus adopted it,even their hindi has lots of words from urdu or say arabic or farsi.

    yeah they did bring their religious stuff in it that was later adopted by muslims who migrated to pakistan.

  21. I think this is total insane idea to stop boardcasting Indian Channels on the basis that they are against our culture or social values ..if so they were then why will the whole country daily sit in front of their tvs to watch their dramaz instead of Geo or Indus.. They were a source of entertainment n banning a mean of public choice of entertainmnet and forcing them with no choice of there own is totally unbearable.

  22. The ban didn’t affect me at all. All the channels were still showing on wcall service in defense, same as the strike which didnt affect us at all.

    As for the ban itself, it is about time Pakistan came up with a copyright policy for cable operators.. they are showing pirated versions of indian movies on 5-6 different channels, not to add that most channels are not paid for in the first place for distrubution.

    for every country to suceed, there is a grave need for a stringent legal system–something that dosn’t exist in Pakistan at the moment.

    As for the reasoning given by Perma, it is trully a lousy one. But the fact remains, giving the true reasons would have caused a bigger uproar in the end just like the stupid pirated cd crap that happened not a long time back. Also, as for entertainment, there are other sources of entertainment than a television. I haven’t found one yet (heck, my old source was the internet but wcall internet is too damn crappy and dsl too expensive) but I’m sure people who have lived here long enough would have found one yet.


  24. HI! guys,

    I’m an Indian, I too agree with u guys that soaps on our channels do not fit within ethical values of any religion be it Islam, Hinduism or chistanity

    Its a “commercial game” they challenge the people to watch & our human brain falls victim to there manipulated thoughts, and becomes a part of the puzzle

    NOW, on the other hand, what they present/show is NOT something frm OUT OF THE WORLD, its not straight frm Alien Civilization, human dynamics can take any direction /shape

    It just broadens our thinking/awarness, USE ur intelligence, we all know whats going on in the modern society

    Development of nation also depends upon the awarness of the citizen

    WE hav to be very much responible for OUR younger ones & kids, those who hav not yet developed the ability or hav not chosen aim of there life

    Parental guidence is extremly neccessary

    we shd NOT share smile with kids & younger bro while taking these commercial doses rather help them in forming a mindset that ur only entertaining urself and avoid OVERDOSE of entertainment

    ps: I would like to know that u also watch indian commercials

    or are they replaced by commercial of products available there

  25. It really pains me to read statements of our leaders when they say our media is open.is it openess that suddenly you close 35 channels giving stupid reasons.Urdu is spoken and listened in Indian subcontinent only.there are hundreds of indian channels in hindi which are almost same as urdu.why we are being denied this opportunity to learn from them in our native language which no foreign channels provide.there are very useful programmes /info very much needed by us.All channels are not showing films or music.there are news ,current affairs,educations and many others .I learnt computer handling from an indian channel back in 80’s.after all they [indians] are not airing these channels for our audience but for their own people.they wouldnot like to spoil their own people.we can be benefitted at no cost.

  26. I agree with what Khwaja wrote

    since majority of ppl in both the nation rather in Indian Subcontinent speak a similar langauge

    & except for star plus which airs, FEW emotion exploting soaps all remaing channel aired are very much appreciated and our very much part of our daily life. we cant sleep without news channels

    As I also wrote earlier that development of any nation also depends upon the awareness of its citizens

    Ppl frm each segment of society, be it an engineer, doctors, students ,.. . are finding there piece of pie on the television

    Farmers, Mechanics, Foremans.. workers . .and OTHERS who cant speak & understand english can benefit frm them and also hav a better mean of entertainment they can save their money by not loosing it in gambling, liquor ETC if they are addicted to television

    There is an enormous boon in the media industry & we are having atleast 6-8 new channel per year

    why close the doors & let the world walk ahead

  27. There was a news on today ARY channel by PEMRA chief that he had not ordered to close down any Indian channel.What a mockery!!! if this was not with his consent ,then why indian channels are off the air.his statement probably is just to offset public pressure exerted by media and website like yours .well done KO!!!!!

  28. I totally agree with mr sameer.Recently I was in Australia,met no of pakistani and indians living there.I was surprised to see that these two communities were living like a larger family.both were attending each other religious and social functions very regularly and with no bias.I attended DUSSEHRA and was for the first time came to know the history and rationale behind this function.This communication must continue here as well.so MR PEMRA let indian channels be shown on cable .Like wise our channels be shown there.we will gain and certainly not lose.it will widen our horizan which is being channelised by our narrow minded policy makers.

  29. It is rediculous to ban something like tv channels the government has no right to do so especially if they say its a free country ppl have the right to watch what they want…..this shows that pemra is scared of indian channels and pakistani channels r afraid of a competition!!!!!!face the music ppl dont hide by banning the channels


  31. Hi,Guys there is a news.You might have heared a proverb ‘chiragh telay indhara’.well it is truly being applied here.it has been confirmed by a close neigbhour of PEMRA CHIEF in Islamabad that STAR PLUS is seen in his house as his wife is very keen on DRAMAS shown by STAR PLUS.Well done chief ! you are not afraid of millions of viewers but afraid of your betterhalf.should be at this age…

  32. VIP’s living in ISLAMABAD are above law.their children are superhuman and donot know any law.recently a staff car of our valiant Navy was checked by police for overspeeding.the ADC sitting infront replied”this doesnot apply to us”.

  33. hey people remember ki nazia and zoheb who r the best singers of our country this idiot government banned them.these ppl dont want pakistan to progress.i hate these people and “i mean it”.

  34. yes SONY !you r right.these narrowminded ,selfcentred and most corrupt leaders and establishment is ruining this country.since these people live in a fantasyworld they have no idea as to what people want.their aim is to live in status quo and amass wealth which they dont know how to spend.on allimportant appointments there is a stooge sitting obliging his boss.imagine a retired most corrupt police officer is heading PEMRA.another retired general basically a gunner running PAKISTAN POST for last 8 years.Because of these inefficient, in ept and corrupt leaders ,pakistan is heading towards ‘TALIBNISATION’.besides tribal areas it is creeping into settled areas of Bannu and DiKhan.before it is too late,govt should support the liberals in the society to counter these extremists.they should totally free the electronic media.free all channels.open cinema houses .let them show indian,hollywood ,french,any country movie.let there be clubs opening up in every neighberhood.let there be co education in schools and colleges.lift bans on all good things of the life.let people live their own life….

  35. hey guys hows everyone? let me tell u about us who live in rural areas we dont have access to even ten sports.we are still alive even my uncle became doctor without watching a single channel. well let me tell you that ARY and GEO are soon to introduce DTH for the first time in PAk history.many new channels are comming online like aag tv from geo. healthline tv, music one, style duniya , azad, express tv, indus films, indus kids, even geo will launch many chans before going to dth platform. well dont fight for indian channels. i have seen them they are totally made for pakistanis to brain wash their values. so plz keep us clean.

  36. HI Guys

    Dr. Shahid Masood did a very bad work to join geo tv. I think he was better on ARY.

    I cannot understand y pak ppls like indian soaps. as they r so boaring.

    If u watch “Aurat aur chardeewari” on ARY Digital it is great drama

  37. dr shahid masood has made a good move to join geo tv.every one wants the best.the training, salary. geo is the no 1 channel.apart from it supports mqm.

  38. Gentlemen,

    the whole idea of a a channel, or book or any other sort of information as being ‘dangerous’ and ‘harmful’ is lame. If a show about christians can damage muslim morals or a show about muslims damage christian morals – means these morals were never real any way. No ammount of films can shake the faith of a person with real faith. If the faith is not real – then what is point of protecting it? You can’t choose instead of someone else who they are. If parents have prepared their children for the world – they shall not be ‘zombified’ by any sort of information – and if the chidlren were not prepared well – its no use blaming anyone else. Thats moral cowardise. Like the egyptians banning the Matrix film, how pathetic can you get?

  39. salaam

    i think pemra has opened the indian channels to deviate attention of pakistanis from the justice case. and govt should show more informative channels rather than movies or songs or other vulgarities. and secondly dr shahid has made it clear why he has joined geo. i think he was 100% correct he never lied. he was senior executive director of ary channels not simply a host of views on news. and now he is hosting a programme meray mytabiq . he is not a director in geo. it is clear to even a donkey that their is a big difference between the salary of a director and an anchor person .i know very well geo is unable to pay dr shahid as he was getting in ary .it is a shamefull situation for ary owners what they did to dr shahid .they insulted him .it was only dr shahid who made ary famous all over the world and the owners made a large amount of money by showing thousands of adds with his programme views on news .we know well dr shahid is not fond of making money.it is a good decesion by dr shahid to join geo. i wish him all the best

  40. i went thru all ur arguments n found out tat the womens are extremely furious abt the ban.ha,ha,ha……….koi nehi !! bade,bade deshon me,,,,,aisi choti,choti baatein hoti rehti hai………….take care all of u,,,,lots of love frm ‘India’

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