Pakistan vs Bollywood

There was some ‘mistaken rumbling about Pakistan unbanning Indian movies’: Sadly, that is not so. The govt. has replaced the ban with a new system though, of sweet talking the dictator till he allows your film. Since this requires a great deal of sweet talking, that means very few movies will make it across the border. On the bright side, perhaps Musharraf will now spend more time talking to ‘Aishwarya Rai’: and less on going on and on and on about dams.

However, the people took matters in their own hands a long time ago, and stopped going to the cinema when Indian movies were banned. They buy/rent pirated DVD’s instead and everyone watches Indian films at home. Bollywood movies have more than 90% of the Pakistan market. Some things, like banning movies, are far beyond the reach of govt, even a dictatorship, so it’s just plain -sad- pathetic to see the govt. keep trying. Stalin did a bloody good job of baning stuff but even he failed at it.

The initial reason for banning Indian films was war. Pakistani soldiers were busy watching cinema so the govt. banned movies in an effort to get them to kill more people. It’s a good thing video games didn’t exist back then. Howver, times have changed, and now the official reason is that allowing Indian films will destroy Pakistani cinema. Govt. policies acheived that goal a long time ago, so no one really knows why the ban still exists. The old chestnuts about morality, ethics, hate for they neighbour, Islam, loss of advertising revenues etc. are all trotted out depending on the occasion. Every now and then the govt. issues various statements regarding Indian movies but those are ignored by all and sundry, including the govt. itself.

You know there are big problems when the ‘good general’: has to be approached personally for simple things like playing a movie in a cinema:

bq. With the decks cleared for the release of ‘Sohni Mahiwal’ in Pakistan, all eyes are now on ‘Mughal-e-Azam’: President Pervez Musharraf had spoken to Akbar Asif, son of filmmaker K Asif, after he said he wanted to release the coloured version in Pakistan and donate the earnings to charity.

Sources said that approval of ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ will come soon as Musharraf inspects the behind-the-scenes documentary of ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ to check for the use of satanic verses and black magic – which is commonly used to ensare young naive Pakistani viewers over to the dark side.

“I have no knowledge of any such decision,” Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said in response to all questions about Indian movies. That ably sums up the govt. view. on most things Indian.

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  1. Hi Khalid!

    well pakistanis have been watching pirated indian movies for long time,at home or in private theatures.It would be better to lift the ban from Indian movies as its not gonna make difference in our society which is already fond of Indian movies,so by keeping hypocricy aside,govt should let cinema owners to release indian or any other foriegn movies in pakistani cinema,when pakistanis can officially watch spelberg`s temple of the doom then why not Subhas ghai`s movies?.

    speaking of dams,Khalid i think you should write something about it and yes about Balochistan as well

  2. In places like Karachi, there’s only 1 cinema for every million people, so I don’t think it would matter much to anyone what plays there. The same with the rural areas – no cinemas there.

    What could happen is that allowing Bollywood films will spark of investment in cinemas around the country. More cinemas would mean the local film industry would get a crack at a much larger market.

    Dams – check back in a few days.

  3. “The initial reason for banning Indian films was war. Pakistani soldiers were busy watching cinema so the govt. banned movies in an effort to get them to kill more people.”

    I’m a long time reader of this blog and I like your writing and writing style but this line… KO, you dont know the real reasons… this line is very disapointing.

    The reason for banning Indian movies was war but not that… ”Pakistani soldiers were busy watching cinema so the govt. banned movies”.

  4. During the 1965 war the Pakistan govt. banned all things Indian. For years afterwards not only cinema, but letters and telephone calls were banned, or if allowed monitored and often censored. Perhaps a better way of explaning the ban is that it was a good way to ensure that the local populace didn’t get too fond of their neighbours. It was a classic tactic, taken straight from the Nazi playbook. Make your opponent seem less than human – it makes them easier to hate. Control the flow of information, and you can make them believe anything. It wasn’t just cinema, but the alteration of textbooks, magazines and radio programmes to reflect offical propaganda, amongst many other things which helped keep the military junta in place.

    Obviously Pakistani soldeirs weren’t watch any cinema – but their families were, especially of the officers. Even at a time of war, when many forgo their humanity, propoganda helps. Hermann Goering:

    bq.. “Why, of course, the people don’t want war,” Goering shrugged. “Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece. Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship.”

    “There is one difference,” I pointed out. “In a democracy the people have some say in the matter through their elected representatives, and in the United States only Congress can declare wars.”

    “Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. *It works the same way in any country.”*

    p. It works even better in a illiterate country.

    Anyways, the ban didn’t work very well – People from the larger cities would go all the way to Kabul, Afghanistan just to watch Indian movies! When Doordsharan started transmitting from Amrtisar in the early 70’s many people in Lahore got antennas and tvs just to watch it.

  5. its very sad to see how our youth thinks. what’s happened to you? why can’t you think positive? instead of making ourselve’s, our film industry more better, you’re talking about showing the movies of India! the Nazi facist terrorists! the back-stabbers!!! shame on you!. unfortunately india has won this war, the media war! we’ve completely SURRENDERED. i remember those days when these indians used to watch OUR drama’s and movies…and now its totally reversed. where are all those writers who wrote those drama’s and movies, where are all those directors and producers!!!!

    lets kick those people out who are responsible for the fall of our media. We’re not short of talent!! There’s alot of good talent in Pakistan. you just have to look for them search for them! ok i hope you get my point, i’m having trouble in explaining my thoughts :/

    thank you!

    Pakistan Zindabad !!

  6. KO,

    I think the ban on India films has created vested interests in Pakistan, those of the people who manufacture and distribute pirated discs. And some very powerful people control this business. Unbanning Bollywood will dent or destroy their profits so they’ll fight to keep the ban in place. Debating the original rationale is not as relevant as debating how the vested interests can be prevailed over.

    For the commenter in #5, while it certainly is true that Bollywood is a dominant cultural influence, it is quite untrue that Pakistani artists and dramas have no market in India. On the contrary, Pakistani pop stars, Ghazal singers and Qawwals remain a rage in India. You’ll find several of them most people’s CD collection. The best talent has found a market in India despite hostilities between the two countries.

  7. SloganMurugan, Satellite TV is expensive, and requires periodic maintainence. Cable is a lot cheaper, and so nobody uses Sat anymore.

    Nitin, there are vested interests everywhere. I am sure the makers of Makkah cola would love to ban Pepsi and Coke, but thats just too bad. While piracy is the only way to watch movies, read books and listen to music in this country at the moment (unless you’re super rich) – that could change if legal works were available at reasonable prices. For example, in India one can buy a non-pirated book without forgoing food for a month. Here, the same book can cost up to ten times more! Hell, this is one of the few countries in the world which smuggles books!!! While this is straying from the Bollywood topic, the point is that govt. policies for all things media are incomprehensibly bad.

  8. “The old chestnuts about morality, ethics, hate for they neighbour, Islam, loss of advertising revenues etc. are all trotted out depending on the occasion.”…had you presented how allowing indian cinema in local theatres promises to keep the above mentioned nuts intact it would have made more sense anyway its understandable on your part to have done so since its psychology of a “textbook mom and pop critic”….and unless you were’nt born only 3 or so years ago you never hated “THY neighbour”?(underline “neighbour”)


    “Make your opponent seem less than human – it makes them easier to hate.”

    certainly goes agianst the ethics of war doesn’t it?

    rule no. : “kill that bloody ba$#@&! and then kiss it better”

  9. _how allowing indian cinema in local theatres promises to keep the above mentioned nuts intact_

    Indian movies are bad, but they’re not that bad! Long years of watching Bollywood movies could scar anyone for life, so your pain is understandable. Perhaps you could try watching them with some jalabis and lassi next time? Or not watching them? I am sure Bollywood would be greatly saddened by the loss, but they will go on despite the pain.

  10. huh wha??……dude you still havent made a point despite the personal thrashing which i am sure ur pretty darn used to…lol…anyway as long as you make sense to you…good for you!

  11. oh and i get the lassi and jalebi “HIGHYLY derogatory” comment 😉 …you’re CLEVER…no wait you’re from karachi!

  12. Commenter #12 & 13: grow up. Really, if you are so passionate about Bollywood movies go protest outside Musharraf’s office – he’s the chap reviewing all the latest Bollywood movies and allowing them in one by one. It’s quite possibly a first step in some evil scheme to take over the world.

    I don’t quite understand your point above – or even if you made a point. You should start up your own weblog and explain further.

  13. allowing indian films will mean

    – more profit to govt.

    – more entertainment activity for public

    – more competition to local cinema to come out with quality stuff

    – more attraction towards investor to build cinema

    – more economic ties with India thus loosening collision chances [ economics driven politics]

    – 1 billion audience for paki cinema

  14. 1 billion audience for paki cinema?

    I doubt the figure. Hindi films are watched by the majority in India, but it is not universally watched. Regional language films make up a large fraction. That includes Punjabi.

    But yes, you can expect a larger audience and better quality brought bythe competition.

  15. for quoters 5,9&15… as an indian(from ahamadabad),we are concern about our movies and prejudistic outcomes doesnt hold any values in this global market..ur concerned about the monopoly of bollywood and its extermination,in the name of islam is immaterial.but my friends our president is a musalman,our bollywood superstars are musalmans,our corporate tycoon heads are musalmans,even hindu radical party’s national secretary is a musalman,our appolo and breach candy hospitals are the asylums of poor and needy pakistani dont rage on religion and enemity about us is a matter of diplomacy and if its the case of nationalism(in india and pakistan),then why should our politicians are corrupt.dont intervene radical elements with business.

    jai hind

  16. Hi! Guys,

    I’m an Indian

    I agree with comment #16

    lifting the ban will pave the way for the development of entertainment industy in pakistan

    & also the retail/consumer goods industry

    In India, theaters are history, now we are having multiplexes, PVR CINEMAS, started several yrs ago

    Chalo, let it be 10yr, 20yr or even 30yr, there will be a day when all theaters will be showing indigenous movies BUT to make that day a reality there should be a begning & its a good oportunity

  17. I expect KO to put out rational, balanced and well-thought out editorials. This is a disappointing piece on all counts. Oh well, you can’t expect to score a home-run on every outing.

  18. well as i’ve read the main article on top of the page regarding wh bollywood films are banned from pakistan, well the real reason is that bollywood even tho it does have a lot of the pakistani market cannot be trusted. India is known to use bollywood movies to send the wong political messages to it’s viewers, it’s not rocket science, everyone knows that, there are so many propaganda films out there made in india intentinally against pakistan, and the indian goverment haven’t done a thing about it. Another thing about why pak gov. banned all indian things in the past, well it really stupid if you were to trade and buy resources from a country that’s politically and militarily against you.

    I’m not saying now it’s the same, both countries have realised there no point in holding grudges and are starting to move on thanx to musharraf but the tensions are still there, and no offense to anybody else but we all kno india is still likes to pickpocket here and there for it’s interests. so to u all out there reading this don’t put the blame on pakistan and make them look as though they the ones causing everything, it’s the indians that need to wake up and not look for sympathy because it’s them that cause all problems, bindians. chow!

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  20. salam to all my brothers in pakistan, ist as ive learnt there are very few cine theatres in pakistan, & majority of people live in rural areas….so who needs cinema, its the niche crowd of urban areas…in india also bollywood is catering to diaspora & indians settled abroad rather then rural india,s needs….thats why bhojpuri films are succesful & most bollywood flicks are flops…..but in any case any sort of ban should be lifted for both countries benefit from cultural exchange…indians were always inspired by pakistami performers(singers, music, writers & dramas) & pakistani,s always entertained by indian masala flicks, glamour & humour…a film can be a great teacher & hope soon pakistan also will develop a thriving film & music industry(legal one)…india has a big piracy problem too & legal organizations have been vainly fighting it.

  21. hi ,

    well as i’ve read the main article on top of the page regarding bollywood films are banned from pakistan.I dont understand why there is a lot of hue & cry over movies from bollywood.when most of people in pakistan do watch movies thru other means.

    There were times in indian cinema when it was also going thru bad times .We never took hollywood a therat .Infact we learned a lot from them and came out with good movies . Today we are living in a global village were economies of country will rule rather then military might. We as neighbours can make diffrence to each others economy and ever live in peace.

    Cultural exchange is the best way to cool down the anger which we all are carring in baggage for several years . let us all not take that baggage further .I`m optimistic about the steps taken, lets not be suspisious about every thing .

    god bless all

  22. Salam, Well i have been following this thread. Actuelly we paksitanies do not hate indians as much they hate us.

    I am a pakistani living in Canada my wife is Indian. I know pakistan and pakistani and i also have very good relations with indians, My personal opinion is that we as pakistani do not hate them as much they hate us. Hate might be a bigger word…

    They look at us down. I am not talking about my personal life but as a whole communiites.

    i will like to comment about the beggning comments of this page. I will say its completly wrong to blame pakistan for every thing.

    These days its the biggest problem of the world that they blame muslims and islam for every thing. thanks

  23. K man u pakistanis are really fond of us indians, and us indians dont give a hoot who u r!

    Indians barely are influenced by pakistan, pakistan is much more significantly influenced by India.

    Face it saare jahaan se acha hindustan humara!!

  24. Hi All ,

    Its very humorous to read some where in this blog that “there were days When Indians used to see pakistani Soaps..” What the hell man.. You pakistanis are always miscommunicated.. be it on the war , poltics, culture or anything.

    Indians have a so deep culture and tradition that it can ever be influenced by anybody. please restrain from even thinking that ever pakistani movies will be watched in India. The quality of paki movies from what its heard from critics is much more worse than our regional film industry. So dont dare it compare with indian movies.

    Further now a days , Indian movies are growing globally.From Africs to Middle east .to.. south east …

  25. # 27 and # 28 write what is typical of any Indian on the Internet. They are probably young uninformed kids. I have heard a lot about how Pakistan’s media was as effecive in India as India’s is today in Pakistan, 2 to 4 decades ago.

    Concrete efforts need to be made and the blame falls to our government for such lousy and unenthusiastic policies which curb the progress of the whole insdustry.

  26. Hopefully you won’t take comments 27 and 28 to mean that the views are typical of any Indian on the Internet. From the way they construct their sentences, it doesn’t seem they are native to India. While Pakistani plays did spike in popularity in the mid-eighties, I wouldn’t go to the extent of saying that they are as popular as Bollywood patische is in Pakistan today.

    To develop local entertainment industry, Pakistan must change laws governing its own local film industry including making it easier to finance and show movies. I do agree that allowing more movies from India initially might be a good strategy to hike up the interest and lead to the construction of more cinema houses. On the other hand, given that Bollywood today increasingly relies on expat population for money, a similar model can be used for local Pakistani film industry.

  27. Pakistani Sufi does have a huge fan following in India, and most Indians (like myself) would like to try out Pak movies as well…27 and 28 r just the kind of people who r frustrated with everything, including themselves

  28. now indian movies are offcailly shown in pakistani cinemas, recently 2 movies “mughal-e-azam” and “bride and Prejedus” were released. i think now indian government should take a bold step like pakistan and allow pakistani movies and channels to show in india too. the peace process should be two ways not one way. in india only ptv is allowed. we have other channels too. they should allow our other tv channels and also our pakistani movies too. they are not that good but sill they hav there own sort of culture and style. and obviously pakistan is producing really good punjabi movies

  29. Sare bandhan tor do, toote dilon ko phir jor do.

    I enjoy watching hollywood movies more than bollywood movies but that does not mean I get influenced by them. It is merely a form of entertainment. India and pakistan must exchange their movies and programmes and should be allowed accross bordes/ My fear is that some Indian moveis shoe pakistan in very bad light and have dialoges which might create a further uproar amongst two countries. Rest we are all one big “not so happy” family

    An Indian (I like pakistan as well)

  30. hi

    the stage for comparing bollywood and pakistan movies are far beyond reach and i would give a statistic about the collection of movie krish ,which has grossed more than 40 million USD world wide and the only way for a pakistan movie to flourish is to allow bollywood movies in pakistan

  31. First, thanks to KO for starting this blog. KO its been a real help to get such diverse views on media censorship in our countries.

    And here’s my POV.

    For starters, our digital age has rendered government censorship of movies or music redundant. I’ve seen movies that have been banned in our country. And from what it looks like brothers across the border are co-criminals in the act. I still visit the DAWN site everyday as part of my morning reading. So I see this whole issue as more of a symbolic relic of the past than a common sensical decision (can’t expect much from politicians or worse the military, now can we?).

    Secondly, I wonder why producers in Pakistan don’t make more movies? Notwithsanding the two nation theory, I believe that peoples across the borders are quite alike. And as a common denominator culture we should like our entertainment equally. So there ought to be a ready market in Pakistan waiting to lap up anything of decent quality. That should make sound economic sense to a producer. Also since the people are deprived of a big screen experience of Bollywood, they should flock to theatres to see movies of some worth produced by Pakistani producers. All it would take is some honest and competent approach towards film making. My guess is that most producers aren’t willing to do that. I enjoy some Bollywood cinema (definately not all of them, as both sides of the divide would agree), but I’d equally enjoy Pakistani cinema if only someone vouched for it.

    And lastly, I sincerely think that television programming can be a good starting point. I still have pirated CDs of “Buddha ghar pe hai” (its no longer that interesting but I really liked it when it first found its way to India, so I’ve kept it for old times’ sake). Also censoring other channels while letting PTV beam on Indian air space makes no sense.

    Forcing myself to capture the essence of it all I’ve come to the following conclusion: To know someone is to have empathy for someone. We all relate to the protagonists in the movies, and to the charaters of our favorite serials. So if the powers that be want to maintain the animosity, apathy, indifference, status quo, whatever you might call it, it becomes imperative that media suffocation is exercised. Just that its all the more tougher to do that these days.

    As an after thought. Can anyone tell me where to get some decent Pakistani cinema. I know it’ll be piracy to download them, but honestly, who cares. 🙂

  32. In India Bollywood films are watched mainly by north indian belt.there is South Indian states,Kerala,Karnatak,Tamil Nadu and Andhra,Goa where local films are having good collctn.Tamil Films(Kollywood) are also a big industry watched all over south India and Others.

    Pakistani films and channels are watched very rarely.Only saud channels for Islamic Reasons.Hollywood films are mostly released and watched, as multiplexes are the norm in Big and medium class cities.Punjabi Albums are the major selling stuff in India afaik.

    many Muslims in India are also dreaming of a “World Country of Islam” where Islam is the only religion and other Kaafirs are demolished and wants to follows “sharia” laws.they do help pakistani/afghani/Al-quaeda terrorists here to kill ppl in Jammu&Kashmir,Mumbai,Dehli and many parts of our country(India).muslims in Hyderabad(india),Mumbai are influenced by Rich Saudi Wahaabi’s.

    During Cricket Matches and all in India,Muslim viewers are always seems to support Pakistan and enjoying the victory of Pakistan as the Victory of Islam,thanks to millions of madrassa’s for brain-washing these ppl.most uneducated muslims are though following these aforementioned schemes,educated Muslims are patriotic and dont have a look on fellow indians on the religion what they belongs.

  33. Very interesting topic… but I think to fully understand the situation, we need to first examine the history of cinema in pakistan. although i am no expert, i do know a bit about how and why pakistani film industry is where it is today. first of all, in the beginning, as KO puts it, films made in Pakistan were of extremely good quality according to those times. They were mostly in urdu so everyone could enjoy them. but then the industry moved to lahore and started catering to the local audience. so they started making Punjabi movies since Punjab is the most populated province and therefore gave them the largest audience. I know it seems not to make sense but we have to keep in mind that in Zia’s time, a lot of cinemas were forced to close down and the few that survivied wanted to play it safe. Instead of artistic credibility, survival became the focus. That’s why the quality of the movies went down. they started catering to the “truck driver” gentry because those were the only ones frequenting the cinema halls. families from shareef gharaanas were discouragd to go to cinema halls in Zia’s time. so people turned to pirated videos of indian movies because they atleast kept the quality up. plus, people could watch them at home.

    and this was the time that some people got into pirated movie business and now since it is a huge business, these people will do anything in their power to keep their piracy business alive (and mind you, they are powerful people and although it might happen in the future, it will still take some time to defeat these people). the people frm the entertainment industry of both countries are lobbying for this for some time now and i have to say that it is heartening.

    someone in this blog asked y pakistani entertainment industry is where it is today. i’d like to clarify that it is unfair to compare lollywood with bollywood because entertainment industry in Pakistan faces a strong resistance from the Islamic radicals. I know bollywood might have its share of such problems too but they are nowhere near the magnitude of resistance in Pakistan from these radical groups. So I am surprised that the entertainment industry is still alive in Pakistan today.

  34. In recent times though, since Musharraf, things are getting a bit better. Atleast for Pakistan. We Pakistanis have a strong and solid pop and rock music scene. The reason for the success of this, despite the radical resistance, is simple. Since we dont have films, we dont have much filmi music, unlike india where filmi music rules. we turn to pop and rock. Our bands are some of the best in the sub continent and there’s a reason for that too. most of our bands were banned by the government at some time or another. the reason was becuase they spoke up against the government in their songs. and since the government suppressed them, they became even more popular in Pakistan. they make music, offend the government and get banned, they go underground and still make music. and they are hugely popular in our country (and internationally too nowadays). And why wont they? They are mostly rock bands, and rock thrives when suppressed.

    In contrast, indian music mostly revolves around filmi music. and filmi music is situational. although they are fun to hum to or sing out loud, and their tunes are amazing (i am a big fan of bollywood music), still a listener would not be able to relate to it most of the time. this is the reason pakistani bands are so popular in india, becuase pakistani songs are not situational. a lot of people can relate to them.

    So bollywood’s got its movies and amazing filmi music, and Pakistan has got its pop and rock music, and ofcourse dramas. If you ask any Pakistani about their favorite movie or actor, they’ll most probably name an indian film or actor. but if you ask about music and drama, most of them will name a pakistani band and drama.

    I believe that if these two industries have expertise in their own fields and can greatly benefit from each other. if bollywood gains enty in pakistani cinemas and does co-productions like it is doing nowadays, lollywood will get stronger and wont be pressurized by the govt so easily as it did in Zia’s time. and ofcourse, people will be able to go to cinema halls to enjoy bollywood movies the way movies are meant to be enjoyed, on the big screen.

    and bollywood would be able to get a much larger market for its Hindi movies. lollywood may not have many good urdu movies, but it does have good punjabi movies, so Indian Punjab can benefit from that. It’s a win-win situation for the audience.

  35. Salam to all respected participants

    I was hungry to read the stuff on the golden days of my entertainment industry and by littlte googling I got this thread. I am a Pakistani, my Dada jee (may rest in peace) left his house in Ferozpur (Ind) n settle here in Kasur (Pk). I dont want to create a new discussion but want to make the ground of my opinion. I love the prodcuts of my country. I always feal a lacking of professionalism in comming Pakistani movies,

    I need them I want to learn from them,

    I want to see the braveness of Tipu Sultan, Mohammad bin Qasim, Mehmood Ghaznavi, the commitment of Jinnah,

    the philosophy of Iqbal,

    the final victoryful decision of Tariq bin Ziad (burn the boats)

    Where it is, how Indian crew will help us to making all above happen un less we will not realize it from our heart. These are purely ours. If we forget the path we should struggle to find that. Are you (Pak) ppl are not confident on ur self, cmone. I am not saying any thing harsh to india, but only want 2 realize you that if we have all the resources and talent, what we lack is hard work and commitment. Dont see thired party soultions that Indians comes with magic stick and our industry will be up. How How. If our country can make good engineers, scholars and scientist then making a good film without the help of india is not a gig deal. Similar is the case with allowing Indian movies here. Allowing movies here will imbalance the culture in Pakistan, yaar (to those who advocate to allow Bolywood in Pak) please please u didnt see the pooja and all relegious activities ths (Ind) do, wht the msg u want to do to ur children. I think u will be feal very happy whn ur child call u Pita jee instead Abba jaan, Namshkar instead Asalam-o-Alaykum. We should stop our ppl to be entertained throug India. (Star Plus major factor). I can stop myself to do that, I will not see Indian movies till Pakistan not make the movies accrording to its values, potential and dignity. Thank u India we not need ur services. The ppl of Pak are enough for their state.

    Peace for All

    Pakistan ZindaBad

  36. To Tahir,

    Well, i will try my best not to offend you or any Pakistani. But I totally disagree with your idea. Your ideas are…

    1. Do not allow Indian movies, but Hollywood movies are acceptable !!

    2. Do not let your kid learn to speak “Namaskar”, but “good morning” is absolutely OK!!

    3. Do not seek help from India, but America and China are OK !!

    4. You wish to make you own stuff, but seeking Aid from America and Britan is a different thing !!

    5. Indian ethics will dilute/mar you culture, But western ethics enriches it !! Aint it?? !!

    My Question to you ==>>

    As I have pointed out, do you apply your notion to every thinng and in field that pakistan aspires to achive??

    Grow up, Tahir. Let us make this place a better place by sharing.

    As an individual I will make sure my kid should have the liberty to use “Asalam-o-Alaykum” , “namaskar” or “Good Morning”.

    Goodluk Pakistan.

  37. oh my God, you read my post. Compare your reply with the things I discussed. Your reply is the most typical thing ever answered to I think every Pakistani.

    let me discuss ur points one by one

    I am feeling lack ness in my industry of quality production, that’s why I m addressing it. I discuss dignity and self dependence, and your good self is aware every nation needs to be self dependent rather seeing toward others. Having deals with china is no more china interest to Pakistan as she need a market for her goods and nothing else. and as well as US concern that is bcoz of a dictator’s choice to become her allied. you can see the interest of US to both Pk and Ind, differ badly.

    As you talk about movies so whether these are from any nation it should not against your religious and ethical values. If you tightly coupled with your religion you know batter. The most ideal movies are that you can take any lesson for that not for just sake of entertainment. (And this message should not be wrapped such that u need any conversion to be fit to urslef). I only say that Pakistani film industry should standup on his feet and make movies on according to our culture, but the idea u taken from it is completely different. and u hurl out all wht u wana say to every Pakistani.

    I m saying all this didnt mean that I have any hard corner to India, I m a Muslim and I address peace to all and real identity to us. I always get sorrow whn I hear any news bad about India bcoz Indians are also creation of God as I am. But the way Inidans treat muslims especially Pakistanis is completely different. Why I dont know. You can batter give me answer of it. But at least for me I do respect to be respect.

    And my ideas are not vague, the formation of Pakistan didnt happen accidentally. I know many tough tragedies Pakistan has faced (I am sorry). But it all happen due to some such elements that can be seen in any nation but Pakistan ruined by them. But its going to be last. yes. As I say already the existence of Pakistan is truly logical and purposeful.

    Tha nation has grown from the day it see the sun of Independence, wht y bro need is sense of understanding for others, hence we make the earth a peaceful part of the universe.

    We are Muslims and we are Pakistani

    We proud to be greet Aslam-0-Alaykum (which means peace and blessing to you)

    and I say peace and blessing to you also

    Commit Pakistan – making one of the greatest nation of the world

    Pakistan Zindabad

  38. I saw some of the posters of Pakistani movies, and…hell, the production quality SUCKS!

    Dude, you guys need to do something fast to save your movie industry!

  39. I am Pakistani.

    I’d just like to say that our nation needs to be independent and in control of their own policies, regardless of Indian influence. We need a backbone.

    We have the most gifted scientists, intelligent, and lots of talent and skill. Our people must come into the limelight, and share the charisma with the world. We are far more beautiful than Indians, so please show the world what we’ve got!

    p.s. The word “paki” was a term that is used towards all those Indians that make us look bad, so please represent the best of us, and outshine our neighbour!

  40. Well I am agree with above post…

    Pakistan is much smaller then India but as compare to India, Pakistan produces quality. Pakistani are smaller in number then Indians but they are much talented and hard working ppl. World will see this Nation as a prospres one. InshAllah

  41. Good to read the article and get the feel of ‘aam aadmi’ at other side of border. It’s ironical that these two nations having shared heritage, language and culture should be best of the friends, yet we (at least some portions) find solace in hating each other. I hope the common man would be equally favorable to cultural exchange, peace and dialog. I have been a long time fan of pakistani sufi music (deeply connected with indian classical music). My mp3s collections include greats like nusrat fateh ali khan sahab. Indian channels are popped with junoon, jal and other pakistani bands.. ‘Vo lamhe’ and ‘duri sahi jaye na’ are flavour of the town here. Let people to people relations strengthen and we’ll undo the miseries, prejudices and bitterness brought by partition.

  42. Personally i do not like bollywood films the vocabulary is persian an arabic.

    This is not understandble for even indians born in india.

    I think they must use more hindi words than alien words.

  43. hello everybody

    u know how pakistan became a muslim nation

    because khasni came and killed 100 millions hindus and converted all to muslims.nobody will change his religion .its by force.

  44. it was there before even mohammeds 10th grand father was born child.after the attck of christianilty islam hinduism is still there because its a peacefull religion and people are free from doing anything what ever they want.

  45. check this site,i have nothing to do with islam,its a great religion,but compared to hinduism its completely different.hindus are soft.they dont take revenge.

  46. Dear sujith

    You are right, I know India do exist before Prophet Muhammad. But your good self knows that no any relegion taught cruelty and take reveng. There are alot of similarties between Hinduism and Islam. And Islam didnt taught to take reveng but to be in peace.

    If there are similarties exist then there are alot of diffrences also, and thats why ‘Two Nation Theory’ came into being and Muslims of Indian Sub-continent also empowered to think about there country where they can make there laws. Infact no problem in it.

    But whatever we are we have to respect each other to be respect.

    Muslim is a Nation in Pakistan and

    Hindus are also Nation in India

  47. Sujith:

    Wikipedia articels on any political issue have zero credibility in any reputable discussion place or forum. Indian influence on Wikipedia is well known. I wouldn’t lay any trust on a Wikipedia article.

    BTW, KO, I think this article has a lot of comments showing all sides of the argument. It’s high time new comments for this article were closed.

  48. Tahir:

    Friend, to correct you “Hindus”(as you percieve) are not a nation in India, indians are a nation. This diverse plurality-celebrating multi-color nation is too big and affirmative to be labelled with a single religion, race, language or school of thoughts. I know, muslim indians are as much proud of their national identity as hindus, sikhs, parsis and christians are. You see four of our most important offices are run by non-hindus, and it’s too natural here. Our PM is sikh, president a muslim, chairperson of ruling party(real centre of power) and defence minister are christians and chief of army staff is a sikh. You see how our national identity prevails over all secondary things.

    There are a few hindu fanatics but they have too little support from common indian. You know one of my muslim journalist after being in pakistan remarked “nice place, but too many muslims”. We are so accustomed with vinods, rahuls, aslams and harviders. I awake daily to azan of nearby mosque, main road clocks in ranchi are corrected by giant church clock, and idds and christmas are as much festive as diwali, basant and holi.


    COMMENTATOR#56 that was really inspiring..

    and COMMENTATOR#57 we in india respect ur sentiments too.

    i believe that main reason for bollywood bashing in pak is the production of movies like GADAR. It would be mistaking to believe that in india nationalism means jeering at pak or mocking pak. we need to change such perceptions by making more VEER ZARA types.


    what could be a problem in filming DHOOM or PYAR KE SIDE EFFECTS in pak????????

  50. Mr. mehta

    The ratio that India makes movies against Pakistan is very high, I can observe many films in which directly or in directly Pakistan showed in negative ways. And in comparison to it, PAKISTAN DIDNT TAKE REVENGE.

    to #52: sujith: hindus are soft.they dont take revenge.

    now you can see who is soft and who has hard fealings.

    By making VEER ZARA was a great step but will this thing stop other film makers to stop bashing Pakistan. There are decades that Pakistan was used to bash my Indian movies and who all things will be forgotten. It can be done but not so early.

    I dont have harsh fealings to any country, as far as India is concern it was the homeland of my grandfather and he used to narrate a lot of stories of Feroz pur. If there are such conections exist then why bollywood is always pinged to bash Pakistan.

    And in responce to it, we never do any thing 🙂

  51. indian movies are da real good movies.india need friendship with we have take a few steps to create friendship with each other.we ,ll have to promote our film indusrys .Bollywood is doing good.lets see when da pakistan goverment ,ll wake up from bed.BOLLYWOOD is screening every part of world.but why not in pakistan.if u dont want to see indian films,why you all r looking pirated cds and dvds.why


  52. well i dont have any idea abt pakistani movies,but i must say ke pakistan singers r the best in thr singing,abt bollywood movies………bakwas banarahe hai ,commedy movies in bollywood r good going…..,i request KO to tell those directors ..not to make any bad movies.

  53. i’ve read all the comments written here n i m quite shocked ppl are giving so much attention and admirations to bollywood. indian film industry is a mess. it’s all about emotions and sentiments they make stupid film mostly based on relationships especially love stories they never made any sensible movie n their dramas oh my god no words totally insane bollywood and indian television industry is nothing but fashion,glamour and insanity n pakistani dramas and music are superb today’s dramas are as amazing as ever we ppl produce quality not quantity. and we have asia’s best singers one more thing we have so many beautiful face around no argument india produces quantity and pakistan quality

  54. To Saira (Above post),

    You said , we make movies on “emotion”, “love”, “sentiments”, “relationship”,

    and that’s why our movies are not sensible… !!

    Only a Paki can think like this.

    Well, u stupid gal, what could make more sense to a human being?? !!

    To some extents even animals show emotions. We are after all human beings.

    “Fashion” and Glamour” is not insanity. They are height of our achievement. Well, you should know that there’s a world outside BURKA.

    Pakistani Singers are bets in Asia. Well, we Indian no more compare ourselves to Asian standards. We actually look worldwide.

    Pakistan does have quality and we Indian failed miserably!! Off course,

    :> U have got the best of Dictators,

    :> you have got the best of terrorists,

    :> you have got the best of brothels and in this case you even beat us in

    Quantity. Courtesy:-

    :> You are the best of beggars, end of the day you are like parasites

    Germinated from India and now surviving on American donations.


    : > you top the death row league


    :> Countless others….

    To all Pakistanis,

    You should learn from us and not try to demean…. I mean, I don’t say that right now you are at our mercy, but if you people keep behaving like this then the days are not very far when you will be colonized under Indian or American rule. So think and act to save yourselves.

  55. oh my god such a stupid indian man. have u seen pakistan. u don’t know any thing about pakistan. i agree that western media try to degrade pakistan and pakistan carries a negative image in western country but it does not mean that we are terrorists . after all every muslim country is terrorist according to america and pakistan is one of those. n for indian films i remember the top hollywood actor said indian films are stupid and more of a melodrama. the things which are being shown on their films do they have any reality. r they realistic. as if there is nothing in life except relationships. i think u better call off urselves a cartoon industry. n by the way u said that u don’t look for asian standards but for world standards that’s y not any india film won oscars awards yet and not even nominated for asian awards i wonder y. u produce many films in a year but none of these are capable of winning a oscar. u india have lots of misunderstandings about pakistan. i don’t understand what the hell u understand of ourselves. the world’s most filthiest country and the country which is more poor than sub-sahara region and this is none other than india

  56. To Saira (above post),

    I know you must be dying to read my reply!! I know it. I bet you do….So

    STOP CRIBBING!! And read this carefully.

    End of the day from the bottom of their heart I know that all Pakistani’s see India in high regards. I know even you see India far more advanced and better off than Paki land. So is also true for our movie industry.

    :> At least we have it all be nominated in top five of Oscars. (Lagan)

    :> We have it all to send a movie every year to Oscars. (List goes on)

    :> We have it all to screen our films in top of the line film festivals. (List goes on)

    :> We have it all to possess the most beautiful in the world. (Ash)

    :> We have it all to have occupied three pedestals in London Wax Museum. (List goes on)

    :> We have it all to express ourselves as Indians in our movies. (We need no guns or protests)


    We may not be the best, but we are on our path to achieve it, after all the adage goes as “There’s no harm in Trying”, “Participation is above any win or loss”…

    Days are not far when top Hollywood directors will be eyeing for a FILMFARE instead of an Oscar!!

    Dear Saira,

    Indians are the best. They have emotion. They share love. They have sentiments…and YES off course, RELATIONSHIP does matter to us, after all that’s what is being human and humanity. But to the utter disappointment of this world, a Pakistani cannot make sense out of “Humanity”.

    I am telling you again. Pakistan’s trick to success is to learn from India’s achievement.

    Now reply to this post only if you have good things to say about India coz I just cant handle any of your funny thoughts about India. hee hee

    Inshallah. India’s shining.


  57. man pakistanis do not see india in high regards but pakistanis respect indians just like

    they respest everyone.

    pakistani are very famous for their hospitability. go and read the interviews of bollywood actors who came pakistan. they all said that pakistani are very warm and kind-heart people not only indians but many western people came to pakistan they also said the same including angelina jolie. we are not racist people unlike india who make such a big issue over very minor thing that richard kissed shilpa they never do that if any india actor would kiss shilpa. racism all around india. you said that ur film lagaan was nominated for oscars but this film didn’t beg oscars meaning that it was not qualified enough for that. by the way u must have made millions of films until

    now but in these millions of film not even one got oscars and only lagan or i think few more nominated for oscar but never get this. in these films not even one was worth oscar. ifyou had quality then you would have achieved thousands of oscars or hundreds out of

    these millions of films. its right that you have list of oscar every year but tell how many films of yours went in

    oscars and grabbed that. none. every year u only get list

    but hardly in a decade one of your films go

    in oscars and never wins. n about getting a list so it’s no good because how can they leave a country which has a massive industry. they only give u list every year only but hardly nominate u. and about top film festival tell me how many times u went to cannes and won there. and how many of you were invited there only 3 to 4 people with

    one or two films i wonder such a massive industry but only one or two films……….. it should be 60 to 70 but…………. n ash ur so-called most beautiful women in the world do u know that pakistani women are very beautiful and we are known for that even tony blair said so. many british students came to pakistan every year n they get hooken on us.

    and india lies in the race of ugliest people read the following article

    in this article u’ll also find the answer of ur most beautiful women ash.(according to only indians) and now plz keep ur mouth shut i m not gonna write to u next time b/c

    i don’t want to waste my time . n i don’t want to hear from u about ur india pride also.

  58. To Saira (above post),

    U don’t get it. Do ya??? !!

    I would still repeat the adage “Participation is above any win or loss”.

    Who gives a damn fig about Hollywood…

    When we are happy, satisfied, ecstatic!! End of the day Bollywood is for Indians and they are more than happy with it… and for them it is also NEIGHBORS ENVY AND OWNERS PRIDE!!

    There’s no way Pakistanis stand a chance against us, except comparing us with Hollywood.

    Someone asked: Compare Lollywood and Bollywood

    A Pakistani’s Reply: HOLLYWOOD is better than Bollywood.

    What the crap. Why won’t you guys just accept it that your film industry is full of shit and Bollywood is a gold mine.

    An Indian: quotes from BBC and PAKTRIBUNE

    A Pakistani: Quotes from some stupid shitty blog site.

    Do you even have any standards, I mean other than juz being dumb heads!!

    Now here’s the catch for you…

    There’s no Howard in Pakistan => So, they have a failed educational system.

    There have no bullet train => So, there rail network sucks.

    No Pakistani has ever been to Space =>So, they do not know what is a “moon”.

    Pakistanis cant launch a space shuttle => So They does not know what SPACE is.

    Pakistan’s is 1/20 of US => Man, so they don’t exist

    Pakistan’s indigenous car is Sitara =>So, they are still like cave mans

    Well, so based on the above logic we can say that Bollywood movie has never bagged an OSCAR under its own banner so they don’t have quality.

    But it doesn’t matter if they have been nominated in TOP FIVE

    It doesn’t matter if director Satyajit Ray gets an OSCAR

    It doesn’t matter if their directors are directing Hollywood movies

    It doesn’t matter if their movies gets screend in Canes film festival

    It doesn’t matter if Canada picks an Indian movie (Water) to be nominated in OSCAR

    It doesn’t matter if they have it all to ENVY all Pakistanis

    It doesn’t matter if 90% of their market sells pirated Bollywood movies

    It doest matter if Pakis love Bollywood movies as much as Indians do

    It doesn’t matters if Pakistani’s treat Indian celebrities as demi gods

    It doesn’t matter if Pakistan’s own movie personalities beg around Indian directors and producers

    It doesn’t matter if they were as interested in Abhi-Ash marriage as Indians

    It doesn’t matter …PHEW !!


    For that matter sometimes I wonder where and how far Lollywood stand from bagging an OSCAR !!

    YOU CAN’T HELP IT!! CAN YOU??? After all, when you are a Pakistani, LOGIC hardly matters.

    And when you are SAIRA , LOGIC doesn’t exist.

    Weather you reply to this post or nor. I know that you would have read it.

    I hope you get it.

    InshAllah, India’s shining



  59. Hi,

    every body

    Good to see.Every one is raging in their pride and not to mention anger.Being my self a Musician I know one thing it does’t matter who is listening or watching it does’t matter what religion they are or what nationality they belong to what matter’s I am praised for my talent and work.What makes me laugh is no matter which country you belong to.It could be india or Pakistan.Guys you still being considered stupid why I don’t not to explain that because you guys already know that and if you don’t then god bless you or anyone else for that instead trying to prove you are better than others.Try to be better and let others decide.Believe it or not that’s the only way other than thrashing each other.let see how you guys reply.

    c ya bye

  60. as a pakistani i want to everyone that we respect indians a lot. and want to say to all the pakistanis out there that admit the fact that we are addicted to the indian dramas and films. i love star plus and wil continue to love it. and plzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop fighting. and look around the world such wonderful things are happening like federer beating nadal on clay. yahhhhhhhhhhooooooooooo!!!!!!

    luv to all indians and pakistanis

  61. Ffffewwww

    Couldn’t beleve you lot becoming personal and trying to lash out at each other. Here in Britain we take more of a broader view. Yes we do love our countries and cultures but we also like entertainment, be it music, live acts, movies and so forth. As an Indian I do want Pakistan producing better movies so that we have a healthy competition which helps us both in terms of good entertainment and economy. Here in Britain we seem to get on very well with each other even during Cricket and Hockey matches. We celebrate festivals, are invited to each others family functions and even show a united front when issues such as racism and discrimination arise. Honestly I am not a big fan of Bollywood and have only seen a handfull of movies and I slept thru’ as I thought they are too long and not stimulating enough. But I am proud that Bollywood is probabaly is more widely accepted world wide than even Hollywood, probabaly because common people like entertainment which is provided by Bollywood. It may not be everybody’s cuppa tea.

    Please stop the hostilities, we both are great people and hope we continue to buld great nations.

    Good luck to Pakistan Cinema and God blesses us all….

  62. heloo am raz from india ,,, i wanna pakistan cinema wid indian cinema,,, paki cinemas is too bad n very poor looking screen n da dresses which da paki actor n actress wears its too embarssing ,,,, look bollywood n say,, bollywood is in top dats y,,, n we r giving chances to uor talents,,, so india is gr8,,, n musaruff is bad

  63. India is not affected by Pakistan, their hate, their envy, their prejudice, their frustration of net being at par with us. Well, your economy, populaton, geographical size and your faith in all things jihadi is what is taking your country into obsolecense.

    When I watch movies like Namaste London and see Javed Sheikh in it, it tells me how far he has gone from playing a lead role in Ankahi to being a tertiary actor in a Bollywood movie. It’s us Indians who keep giving your guys and gals roles. It’s us Indians who provide the following to your few musicians. We give you the market and the base to live and develop (example Adnan Sami).

    So let’s not start comparing India and Pakistan in any way shape or form. We are different, our progression is different, our thought process is different. It seems Pakistan has become all that was ‘old’, the ‘past’, the holders to ‘morality’ (really!! seen lahori nude mujras lately), and the true beholders of Islam.

    And our Bollywood movies are too immoral for us, tell that to Javed Sheikh, Adnan Sami, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who have become more Indian then Pakistanis.

    When India progresses, you become jealous. When India developes its economy you getting hot flashes. India’s IT revenue is more than your entire yearly exports! This just highlights how weak and backward you have become.

    Don’t live in the past, your dramas are no longer the craze (if they ever were, except for the few nostalgics who lived in delhi). Your musicians cannot beat our Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam, Mohd Rafi, , Sehgal, Lata and yes OUR Adnan Sami.

    So try not to compare but to LOVE the imagination, the innovation, the evloutionary path that embodies our great cinema.

    End of discussion.

  64. India is not affected by Pakistan, your hate, your envy, your prejudice, your frustration of not being at par with us. Well, your economy, populaton, geographical size and your faith in all things jihadi is what is taking your country into obsolecense.

    When I watch movies like Namaste London and see Javed Sheikh in it, it tells me how far he has gone from playing a lead role in Ankahi to being a tertiary actor in a Bollywood movie. It’s us Indians who keep giving your guys and gals roles. It’s us Indians who provide the audience to your few musicians. We give you the market and the base to live and develop (example Adnan Sami).

    So let’s not start comparing India and Pakistan in any way shape or form. We are different, our progression is different, our thought process is different. It seems Pakistan has become all that was ‘old’, the ‘past’, the holders to ‘morality’ (really!! seen lahori nude mujras lately), and the true beholders of Islam. I guess this religious ‘morality’ is ignored when your Lahori busty babes are dancing semi-nude on Indian melodies.

    And our Bollywood movies are too immoral for us, tell that to Javed Sheikh, Adnan Sami, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who have become more Indian then Pakistanis.

    When India progresses, you become jealous. When India developes its economy you getting hot flashes. India’s IT revenue is more than your entire yearly exports! This just highlights how weak and backward you have become.

    Don’t live in the past, your dramas are no longer the craze (if they ever were, except for the few nostalgics who lived in delhi). Your musicians cannot beat our Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam, Mohd Rafi, , Sehgal, Lata and yes OUR Adnan Sami.

    So try not to compare but to LOVE the imagination, the innovation, the evloutionary path that embodies our great cinema.

    End of discussion.

  65. dear tiger,

    this is exactly the problem with you indians, you cant get over your own selves. its not jealousy that we pakistanis have it is a desire to be good. why should we degrade ourselves enough to see your movies with our background music (laaree choti much?).. hahahahha and you brage about YOUR adnan sami, take him. the reason he left here was cuz he was not good enough to be appreciated here. and he still isn’t good enough. no one misses him which is why he doesn’t want to be called pakistani. cuz hes not worth appreciation that you adourn on him. as for our naked women dancing to indain tunes, well you have your naked women coming on OUR artists’ videos and dacning around (ali zafar? atif?). its sad that youre targeting our red light areas. we have never denied their existence. these things are hidden we dont flash them because majority of our society is conservative. much like your own. you have naked women and hot sex scenes in your movies but when richard gere kissed shilpa shetty it was made into such a big deal. confused much?

    and the fact that u even bothered to come read a blog relating to pakistani culture and society just goes to show how interested u indians are in us pakistanis. live ur owm life and let us live ours. get over us. sad.

    indian movies should never be allowed. they’re not worth the attention!

    much love,


  66. Hi everybody,

    As an Indian I am very pleased that bollywood has such a fan base in Pakistan – surprised but shouldn’t be. I am a kid of the 70s and 80s – a big fan of disco, Zeenat Aman etc, but I also loved the music of such Pakistani talent as Nazia Hassan (Qurbani fame). If the Indian movie industry can revitalize Pakistani cinemas and contribute in a small way to its economy I think that is a beautiful thing. Please don’t misunderstand this statement as patronizing – I say this from the bottom of my heart.

    I have seen some horrendous hate-mongering from both sides of the border on this blog and I think that is very appalling. Not all Indians hate Pakistanis. Hate comes from the idle mind (you know the devil’s workshop – that sort of thing). We are too mired in life’s banalities to be thinking about such things. I grew up in Bombay and never heard a single anti-Pakistani sentiment around me. There are always a few bad apples in the basket, like we have seen on this blog, who put out bigotted agenda on a blog that is discussing the entertainment industry.

    Anyway, I wind up my long sermon. Let hope, peace and love prevail. God bless you all. Anthony D’Souza

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