The Human Story : Our History, From the Stone Age to Today

“!!”: The most easily readable history of the human race, by far. This is the dumbed down, eurocentric cliff notes version, aimed for those who haven’t read any history at all. Ideal for those who run screaming from anything like a history textbook.

In the author’s words, “This book tells how ancient wandering peoples settled down, and how they founded cities, conquered neighbors, formed religions, found out who they were and where among the stars they lived, did some good and many wrongs, thrived, and journeyed into space.” Like in all such histories, much is left out or glossed over, but there’s nothing wrong with that – for more details there’s a thousand other history books – there’s a reading list for every chapter for further details.

4 thoughts on “The Human Story : Our History, From the Stone Age to Today”

  1. Hmm….i might just read it…The Basic element is the hunger for knowledge and power….Homans who sqander the Earth for rehabilitation, fight like savages for a piece of land and then rebuild it….and this process goes onnn & onnnn….v havent learned much rm history have v…just SAD… its your usual garbology but then whu cares… thnks….by the u guys can catch up with a really good book called ‘The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century’…nice read…then agian…its all garbology 😉

    ps.. does anyone know that how i can get myslef registered at karachi metroblogging…

  2. If you’ve read Bill Bryson’s “A short history of nearly everything”, I’d like to know if this is better. That one was a fantastic read, and deserves a second and third read.

    Also recommend Bill Bryson’s “A Dictionary of Troublesome Words” specially for writers. This was originally a Penguin publication and Bryson’s transformed it into readable material.

    Also taking the opportunity to say, your blog is one of few worth browsing on the net.

  3. Zunaira, Bill Bryson’s “A short history of nearly everything” is far, far superior to this book. I am rereading that right now (very slowly)! Bill Bryson makes you think and ponders on everything under the sun – it truly is a short history of nearly everything!.

    “The Human Story” is a lot simpler and gets straight to telling the history of the human race – the cliffs notes version. I liked it because sometimes reading the cliffs notes if fun too, and its easy going. The subject matter is fascinating, of course, and note something one can read too many books on.

    And thanks!

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