Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace

A conference of Asian bloggers, podcasters and online news providers about free expression in Asian cyberspace, and the challanges thereof. Pakistan is also represented in this forum.

Visit the website here: Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace. The keynote address sums up nicely why a uncontrolled internet is better for all everyone.

Sadly, too many in ‘this country’: are fond of censorship. They set up “strawmen”: and knock them down over and over again as they try to justify censorship. The irony is that the citizens of Pakistan don’t trust their govt. for anything at all, yet they let them control what they can watch, see and hear.

Thankfully, at the time being the “internet is extremely hard to censor”:, so while they keep beating the strawmen to a bloody pulp the rest of the world moves on.

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