Interview with ISPAK and Cybernet

“Read the interview here for a good overview of internet connectivity in Pakistan”: A short summary:

* Govt. policies and PTCL’s monopoly ensures that broadband remains beyond the reach of 99.999 percent of Pakistan.

* Competition to PTCL is coming in the future, and that might help.

Sadly, the many govt. announcements over the past year just show that they aim small – to increase bandwidth penetration to 0.02 percent, up from 0.001 currently. The regulatory authorities are too busy wasting time on crap like “internet censorship”: to even hire a consultant to at least draft bigger goals. Aim for the sky, and you might get somwhere. Aim for 0.02 percent and you might as well stay on the ground.

There is news on the horizon of better things to come, but the rumours have been coming and going for years now.

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